Friday, September 02, 2005

Off to Boston

Kept going again today.... got the brown outlines of the medallions done.... I will probably start charting my personalization either tonight or tomorrow so that it will be ready to stitch next... that's the fun part!! I really appreciate the continued support and cheering on from all of you to help me to get this one finished now - thank you, I love my blogging pals!!

Well, Mike has been dying to go to Boston for weeks and weeks now. So we drove down there this afternoon, had a light dinner and walked around a bit. I picked up two truly neat varieties of daffodils to plant for next year. And, I stopped at Aveda in Faneuil Hall and got my hair cut by their exceptional pros. I have been growing a terrible short cut out for nine months now. My new shaping is rather radical, a bit like Rachel on "Friends." If I can get a pic, I will post one soon. I am trying to get used to it right now :-)

I received the Sunken Treasure 32 ct opal lugana from Sugar Maple Fabrics today. It is pretty, but very much like several I already have. It has to be at least 20 shades lighter than the scan, which surprises me because I bid on the one that showed the lugana scan.... oh well. It is well within useable limits, but not what I was expecting.

I ordered the Mill Hill beads that I will need for Mermaids of the Deep Blue from an ebay bead seller tonight... will probably buy the Treasures and Kreinik braids from Stitching Bits & Bobs soon.... they have a Labor Day Sale on now, so maybe really soon...

I found out tonight that the new Passione Ricamo must have chart, Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace is stitched on Sillkweaver Jubilation 28 ct lugana... I have Jubilation belfast... more my speed anyhow... from the Celebration Bag I purchased from them recently - I am good to go as soon as I can get the chart - yay!

My friend Karen in Australia and her friend Tannia and I will be doing a SAL soon of Drawn Thread's An Open Heart. Thankfully, both of them want to take this one slowly, so it will probably work out for me with all of my other SALs and projects.... :-)

I tried to stay away from Hurricane Katrina updates as much as I could today. I could barely sleep last night after visiting before bed last night... and reading a story that broke my heart.... I am a soft touch for certain things and I had that horrible feeling in my stomach when I read it... I won't burden you with the details, as I don't want to upset anyone the way I was upset. Mike says I take these things too deeply and personally. But I am a therapist, I am prone to having sensitive feelings towards others pain. He apologized today for even having said that to me last night. He just wanted me to relax and get some sleep. What I read has affected my life forever though. No getting around that pain.

Stitched on today: Celtic Band Sampler

***Found this in Jenn's blog - like her, I found it too cute to resist - imagine someone devoting a website to this - too funny!! Cats in Sinks! LOL!


bunnyhead said...

Wow! You are really plugging away at that. It looks great!

I have the same problem with empathizing too much with other people. The hurricane coverage is really affecting me deeply and I can't seem to stop reading about it or watching it on tv... only to end up in tears by what I see.

Stitchie Kiwi said...

Hey Carol ... I saw Katrina's finished Celtic Banner today ... in real, fondling, life :) ... it's gorgeous ... you definitely need to finish your's too - I can very honestly say that it will be worth it! :)

zoeandcooper said...

Carol- Celtic Banner is looking wonderful. Keep up the good work!!

Bastet said...

closer and closer and closer! You're really moving now. The end is in sight! (Besides, the little voice over in the corner is starting to get a little annoying isn't it. You know the one....Celtic Winter is begging to be started...) :D

Christine Doyle said...

he he! Cats in sinks!