Friday, February 24, 2006

Almost there!

Just a very little bit is left now.... the specialty stitches (eyelets and rhodes). They won't take me long at all to do tomorrow. I guess I could stay up late and finish it tonight, but it already is quite late here and I do have to get up early tomorrow.... I am in the process of moving from a small office to a much bigger one in the same office building in Lawrence, MA. Today, Mike and I went down there to pack and to meet up with the telephone man to switch my lines over. Tomorrow the movers come. It will be snowing, yuck! But... it should be a quick move and then I can come home and finish Part 5 - at last!! (Another reason I need to quit now is that Beau has decided that he must take over my lap!! He is my biggest of the six - he takes up a lot of lap, and leaves really no room for the Q-Snap!).

I love this German Quaker Sampler! I saw in Bine's blog that she was stitching this in an organized SAL with the designer, Martina Dey. The SAL is closed, but I joined the Yahoo group (Wiehenburg Samplers in my sidebar) in hopes of getting in on the next one.... and, then Martina decided to release the chart for sale! Yay! I got mine - I am so excited!! Isn't it pretty??!!

OK, I am checking out The Phantom of the Opera on Karen's advice. I have it on right now (Mike bought me the DVD)... but I must admit, I am a bit lost - how can one stitch to this movie? I am missing something in the story here... and I hate to admit this, but I wish it were less singing and more dialogue - that is pretty bad to say, I know!!

Stitched on today: Medieval Town Mandala
Couldn't resist... photo from


karensff said...

Medievil Mandala looks fantastic. I love they way those greeny blues stand out against the gold. It looks lovely and I can't wait to see more.

KarenV said...

I love that Quaker chart! I've been admiring Bine's and it's great to know that it's now available. Can you only get it through the Yahoo group or will it be available through an ONS?

MTM is looking wonderful - you've really worked hard on this one recently!

Isabelle said...

Congrats Carol! You're almost there :) I admire your tenacity :)
Good luck with the moving today! Enjoy your weekend :)

bunnyhead said...

Beautiful progress. It seems you're nearly done!

tkdchick said...

Carol good luck with the move, MTM looks awesome!

Jenn said...

Nope, stitching and Erik just aren't a valid combination... and the movie is just different enough from the stage production (or else my memory of the play was that bad) that I was caught off guard a couple times. Where do you think you're lost?

zoeandcooper said...

WOOHOO!! It must feel great to see the end of the tunnel. I wonder what next month will bring:)

Good luck with the move!

BeckySC said...

You are so close to a finish on part 5...YAY!! It looks stunning!!

Good luck with your move :)

hugs to you :)

Jenna said...

Oh WOW, Carol! MTM looks fabulous! Part 5 may have been huge, but it was definitely worth it. :)

Kathy said...

Wow MTM looks fantastic CArol.

I would also like to say a big thank you for my pressie the chart is lovely and will def be stitching that real soon. I also love my little tacky bob box, that will come in handy when I doing the beads for CA.

HUgs xxxxxxx

Nicki said...

MTM looks so beautiful. Congrats in advance on finishing part 5!

That Quaker is lovely. I joined the Yahoo group too but can't get the chart yet. It's lovely though :)

Heather said...

MTM wow. You're doing a fantastic job. I like the Quaker chart too. You choose so many nice things.

Kath said...

Ouch - that's one accident. So pleased it was not you and Mike.

MTM looks fabulous and the colours are stunning.

Good luck with your move... I know all about that at the moment.