Friday, February 03, 2006

Mystery IX Part 2 Done

***This is my fourth try to post this blog entry - Blogger ate the first one I did last night, then it ate my re-post this morning, and on my third try the whole site was down when I went to publish the entry - maybe the fourth time is the charm? Thank you to those of you who have emailed me asking if something is wrong - No, all is well!
I finished Part 2 of Mystery IX, and then I did all of the beading for parts 1 and 2. The beading took a long time because I like to use a full "x" when I attach Delicas beads. It is laborious, but worth it - the lay so much nicer that way, and since Martina uses a ton of beads on her big projects, I think it would be terrible if any of them were to ever come loose.

My recliner ate my favorite pair of scissors tonight. It also ate one of my needles a few days ago. Mike and I cannot figure out where they could be in the chair... we tried looking several times. Hungry chair! I will try again tomorrow!!

I am always thankful for WalMart's DVD dump bin - Sliding Doors extra super cheap. A romantic comedy I have never seen? Will be great to stitch to!

Stitched on today: Mystery IX


Jenn said...

What size needles do you use when you are attaching beads? I have a long thin one that came with a kit I bought a few years ago. Most regular needles I find are to wide at the base to get the beads though.

tkdchick said...

Congrats on finishing part 2!