Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Password Day

It is the first of the month, and for me that means two passwords from Martina Weber... I decided to work tonight on Mystery IX. Martina gave us a very small area to stitch this month, at least by her usual standards. This is half of it now. She did note in her instructions this month that we will be "working harder" next month - thanks for the heads up, Martina! I will remember that when I set my goals for March!

I also received the password for Medieval Town Mandala, part 5. That is quite a large part, so Martina is still keeping me plenty busy :-) It is exactly the area I figured she was going to give us this month, but I don't think it will take too long, as long as I concentrate on it after I finish part 2 of Mystery IX.
Tonight was scheduled to be Celtic Ladies SAL night for me... so, anticipating the passwords coming in today, I brought Celtic Winter to work with me today. I made sure to find time to get some work done on the border today. This project is moving along so nicely :-)

Time for my next stash report, I guess. It is piling up a little bit on my desk. Over the past week, I have received a few items. The first is this neat online stitching magazine called "The Gift of Stitching" - it is super nice. The first issue became available today. It has a really nice mystery sampler by Papilon Creations in it - installment one - want to stitch it or subscribe? You can click the link in my sidebar. I highly recommend it - very well done, what a treat!! I also have in my pile Peter Underhill's Wizard chart (how cute!!), two 13" x 18' cuts of Flax 40 ct linen that were backordered from Silkweaver (one for ED's Nature's Alphabet, and one for ED's Nature's Alphabet II), and Marjolein Bastin's wonderful autumn sampler that has been OOP for a while....

And, some other fabrics.... SMF's new Keenan cashel (fat quarter), a pretty large cut 40 ct solo from Silkweaver... and two Lakeside Linens I was able to (finally!) get during one of Silkweaver's Odds & Ends postings! One is a fat eighth of 36 ct Navy Bean, and the other is a fat quarter of 40 ct Meadow Rue...nice!

And, just last night Katrina wrote in an email that she was wanting to stitch a Sweetheart Tree sampler - how ironic, me too :-) I got Fleurs de Provence and the silver charm/gemstone beads (stapled inside the chart), and the Country French Latte linen, perle cotton and Weeks Dye Works that it calls for as well.

And... finally, here is my last installment from SB&B's "Mystery Bits" - I changed my option over before I received this mailing today, but I am glad that I did. I am not a fan of orange. My record is supposed to note not to send me brights and oranges. I guess that was overlooked this month. Yucky. Starting next month, I am going to receive Kreinik #4 braids only - that will be much better!

January Goals:
1. Finish Part 4 of Medieval Town Mandala - yes
2. Finish Part 1 of Mystery IX - yes
3. Continue Garden Spot Sampler SAL with Jo - yes
4. Continue Mermaid Heaven SAL with Jenn - no
5. Continue An Open Heart SAL - no
6. Continue 17th Century Irish Garden - just a tiny bit, but yes
7. Continue Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - yes
8. Continue Mermaids of the Deep Blue SAL - yes
9. Continue Celtic Winter SAL - yes
10. Angel of Love yes, Convent's Herbal Garden no, Girl with Cat no, Little Wings no and A Christmas Spirit yes - time for those would be icing on the cake!

February Goals:
1. Finish Part 5 of Medieval Town Mandala
2. Finish Part 2 of Mystery IX
3. Set up my Neighborhood RR fabric, stitch my square
4. Continue Mermaid Heaven SAL with Jenn
5. Continue 17th Century Irish Garden
6. Continue Mermaids of the Deep Blue SAL
7. Continue Houses of Hawk Run Hollow if Becky, Barbara and Bea are all ready - we are now SALing...
8. Continue Celtic Winter SAL (hope to finish this month)
9. Continue Garden Spot Sampler SAL with Jo
10. Icing on the cake would be to find time for: Angel of Love, Convent's Herbal Garden, Girl with Cat, Little Wings and A Christmas Spirit!!

OK.... long enough here! I will do the SBQ tomorrow!!

Stitched on today: Celtic Winter and Mystery IX


Tanya said...

Nice blog!

Happy Stitching!

Tanya, Designer

Susimac said...

Hey you haven't done bad at all this month have you, much better than I.

Annemarie said...

You managed to get a whole lot of work done this month, Carol. Good for you!

Jenna said...

Your progress always amazes me, Carol! You're a lightning fast stitcher. :)

Barbara said...

I seem to have vaporized my earlier comment. Me & modern technology ... I should communicate by smoke signals or Morse code.

Your progress is staggering. It amazes me how much you accomplish!

tkdchick said...

Very ambitoius goals as usual Carol, and you often meet most of them!

~Harsha~ said...

you've been very good with your goals Carol!

Anonymous said...

You seem to be heading for a happy dance soon. Thanks for sharing all those daily pics. It's a pleasure to watch your progess. Ann.

Kathy said...

Wow Carol, both are looking great.

CW is looking real close to a HD.

You have done way more than I this month. Good going hun.

hugs xxxxx

bunnyhead said...

I think those threads you got are gorgeous (I love autumn colors)--- surely you can find a use for some of those beautiful pumpkin colors you recieved? I love coming to your blog, Carol. Your progress on all of your many pieces is really inspiring!

Isabelle said...

Carol, both projects are looking great! I'm looking forward to seeing your other Martin Weber Mystery too.

And your stash is lovely, as always - yummy fabrics! :)

Carina said...

Thanks for The Gift of Stitching magazine info. --I just subscribed!

As always, I am envious of all you accomplish in the month!

zoeandcooper said...

Great progress on both pieces, Carol. They are looking wonderful.

It was nice to a smaller bit this month on Mystery IX. A little extra time to catch up with you and Becky on my Celtic Lady!!

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol :)
Both progresses are just wonderful :) You are the queen of Rotation stitching :)

I have a Martina Chart on order..I placed it last week at my LNS-my friend was with me and drooled all over the model. so I ordered it to stitch for her :) Wish I could remember the name of it now...LOL!

Have a wonderful Friday :)
hugs :)

Bastet said...

my don't we have a busy month ahead. Good luck Carol! Very nice stash enhancement. As for the online mag how does the Solaria Galleries pattern look? I can't remember the name but it's on the cover. I've only seen her freebies, so I'm a little curious.

Rachael said...

Love your new fabrics- really yummy! Also your mystery nine start. I am in this yahoo group but I haven't purchased a kit yet-plus I have a lot to do at the moment. I saw this as a screen shot over a year ago while visiting Mrtina and fell in love with it. Definitly a "to do"

tkdchick said...

Celtic Winter's border is looking so pretty!