Thursday, February 23, 2006

At last, I feel like I can see some progress tonight on the fourth corner - all the gold is done and two of the shades of turquoise too - four more shades to go, then eyelets and rhodes stitches. I hope you can bear with me for another day or two and then Medieval Town Mandala can disappear off of my blog for at least a week (or so....) LOL! I know you really must be as sick of it as I am!
I am totally hooked on stitching the Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler, so of course I worked on it some more today. It was wonderful to see so many comments and emails from stitchers who are now beginning to see how lovely this sampler is :-) I hope you all will order up these pretty silks from Vikki Clayton and stitch this one too! (The DMC conversion on the chart looks really dull compared to the VC silks). I am almost done with Part 1, as I don't plan to stitch any of the partial motifs until the parts come in that show the other halves of them... some of these silks are a bit variegated, and for the sake of color consistency, I want to stitch each motif in its entirety. There is an asterisk (*) symbol on the chart for the bird's eye, but there is no fiber listed for that symbol and no notation in the directions as to what to use. So, I am going to use a snip of black NPI silk from my Medieval Town Mandala kit to stitch the eye... I wonder what other stitchers are doing for the eye... (***If you want to stitch this sampler and have not yet subscribed to The Gift of Stitching, you will need to subscribe as soon as you can - on March 1st this issue will no longer be available and the next issue, with Part 2 of the sampler in it, will be loaded onto the website... act fast!! LOL) Anyhow, I am so enamored by this little sampler and this designer that I ordered Three Little Words :-)

I haven't posted a stash report in the longest time, and since Mike took me to Colonial Needleworks tonight, I figured it was time to do my sharing. We had dinner in Bedford tonight - how convenient that the needlework shop was only five minutes away from the restaurant, and that it was their night to be open late!! Here is my stash take from the last couple of weeks or so.... one item, the Silkweaver Sandcastle belfast, is not shown as I am already using it for the Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler. Also, a skein of Holly Berry GAST is not shown - it fell on the floor when I was gathering my goodies together... But I can show you two new UK magazines (Quick & Easy, and Mary Hickmott's New Stitches), Long Dog Samplers' Time and Tide (this was on my wishlist forever!), Blue Ribbon Designs' True Love and Grace (for which I needed the Holly Berry GAST), Blackbird Designs' Strawberry Garden with R&R Creme Brulee linen (had to get this once I saw it - the colors are amazing, but I shall need to watch for the next SB&B sale to get all the Crescent Colours floss for it), a fat quarter of Dragon Myst belfast by Heaven Lee Creations (hmmm, they never sent a FOTM invoice this month - not very strange, they are so disorganized!!), a fat quarter of Sugar Maple Fabrics Iris 28 ct Annabelle, the three skeins of Vikki Clayton silk needed to finish Garden Spot Sampler (gift from Vikki), the VC silk set for Sampler Cove's Bordeaux (mystery) Sampler - (got the first pdf file for that this week too - going to use the pretty 36 ct linen Bea gave me for Christmas for this one!), a skein of Gold Weeks Dye Works for my Neighborhood RR block, and a pack of size 26 Piecemakers (I am always buying size 28's now, and realized a day or two ago that I am about out of size 26 - LOL)....and I think that is it??!!

Stitched on today: Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler and Medieval Town Mandala


BeckySC said...

VERY nice stash there my friend! Love the fabric!!! (I was thrilled with my FOTM this month-some pretty cool colors that I didn't have!)

MTM looks fabulous! WOW, it seems like you are flying through this one!


Anonymous said...

Well done on MTM. You are almost there...happy stitching and thank you for sharing all your WIPS. It's nice to see a new picture every day. Ann.

cathymk said...

Hey Carol, thanks for leaving that comment on my blog, it gave me a good laugh!
Another good stash haul for you!
Hmmm, the mystery sampler is looking very good indeed - no, no, no! I do not need another WIP! Can just imagine the sighs from my DH.
All the best to you!

Robin said...

Carol; Thank you for the reminder about "Gift of Stitching" I promptly downloaded it. You are moving along with your MTM and it looks fabulous. Geez, that is going to be hugh when it is finished! And I love the sampler. When you buy fabric do you know what you are going to stitch on it? I never buy fabric until I have a project. Its like knitting. I never buy yarn unless I know what I'm going to do with it. Its like I have this fear that I will want to do something with it but I won't have enough yarn or the fabric will be too small etc. sorry! too much information!
Have a great day!

Maria S, said...

I see your stash includes a piece of fabric from Sugar Maple Fabrics. Mindy, the owner, lives about 10 min from me. We've been to the house to visit with her and she is wonderful. She hasn't been stitching all that long either and we were IMPRESSED with her stash accumlations in that short time. She's been having a lot of problems with the city water supply. Her home is in a newer part of town and there's a lot of building going on and she has had a few nasty surprises with her water.

Judith said...

The stitching on MTM looks great again. Looks like you will be finished in a day or two.
Also your mysterie looks great.
Is it now that we will see you working on mysterie IX next week.
Also your stashhaul looks great.
With over 350 charts I stopped buying them for awhile and I am now trying to get some stitched and get my pile of fabric a little bit lower.

Myrna said...

Your Chatelaine is looking wonderful!

And a nice stash haul you got! I'm hoping the Mail truck brings me some goodies soon! :-)


Isabelle said...

Hi Carol! Your new stash is just fabulous!! :D
I love your new sampler - gorgeous colours! Can't wait to see it grow. :)

Hugs and enjoy your weekend, dear Carol! :)

Stephanie said...

I love your Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler. It's turning out so colorful. I was thinking of stitching this one too, but I wanted to wait and see what it was going to look like. I think you've sold me!

KarenV said...

Great stash Carol!

MTM is getting there and it's looking more gorgeous than ever. I probably wouldn't stitch this one myself, but I'm really enjoying watching you stitch it instead!

Great start on the Papillon Mystery Sampler - I wasn't that taken by the online pic, but yours is looking gorgeous!

Kathy said...

Wow what a great week for stitching, you ahve been busy Carol. MTM looks absoloutely fab, ad I love the sampler you are stitching.

Hugs xxxxxx

Nicki said...

MTM looks gorgeous! I love seeing your progress but I can understand how you'll be pleased when you've finished this part. Those mandalas can get too much even if they're so beautiful!

Love all the stash too - yummy!

Gill said...

Your MTM is stunning. You are doing an amazing job getting so much work done on it. I am not tired of seeing your progress at all! Keep up the good work :)

zoeandcooper said...

Great progress on both pieces. I am going to have to save up my pennies to get the silk for that sampler. It is really beautiful.

Love the stash you got this week:)

Bastet said...

Lovely stash! MTM really looks stunning with all that turquois. Papillon sampler is looking nice.

tkdchick said...

Carol I'm not surprised to hear that Heaven Lee Creations is disorganzied ... they always were when they were the Blended Needle. Personally I'm staying away from that company.

Heather said...

I do like that Papillon Creations piece. I want to stitch it, but have to wait for a while to purchase the VC silks.
Yours looks great.