Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day

I am wiped out. I have been busy staying up late during my four days off from work, and today I am just exhausted. With that comes virtually no interest in stitching... but I did finish the first corner of MTM tonight... I absolutely refuse to rush myself to finish Part 10 when I am so tired... now I just want to see if I can find the fireworks on TV :-)

Hope my American and ex-pat friends had a happy and safe holiday!!!!

For those who asked, we have not seen the bear again. It appears it has been around once or twice more... but no sightings :-) I did pick up this chart at a bargain basement price on ebay today... clearly in honor of our recent visitor :-)

Stitched on today: Medieval Town Mandala


Anonymous said...

The border is so pretty. It will look nice on the Abecedarian Blend I want to do mine on :>)

tkdchick said...

Carol that's so pretty I wish I could have the time/money to do that piece!!!

Jenn said...

your new chart is cute and perfect to remember your visitor with.

Barbara said...

Looks great - wise to stop stitching, or anything else, when you're tired (as I learned last night!). Love the new chart!! :)

catandturtle said...

When I read that when you get so tired you don't feel like stitching I couldn't believe it :) I didn't think you ever got tired of stitching. Question, when that happens do you stitch anyway or do you take a few days off? Just curious. Once I took a cross stitching break for 6 months. I had a major overload. It's different now though, I pace myself a lot more and have so many different things to chose from in case I get bored with what I am working on. BTW, stitching bits and bobs finally mailed my thread for Women of the Mayflower. Woohoo!