Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mystery Sampler Finished

Mystery Sampler

Papillon Creations

Silkweaver Sandcastle 32 ct Belfast Linen

Hand-Dyed Fibers silks

Started 2/22/06 - Finished 7/1/06

Stitched primarily on breaks at work

Thanks to Jo for great idea for modifying the center section ;-)


Goal Review Time:
June Goals:
1. Finish Part 9 of Medieval Town Mandala - yes
2. Finish Part 6 of Mystery IX - yes
3. Finish Part 5 of Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler - no, but almost... finished it on 7/1/06
4. Continue Mermaids of the Deep Blue SAL - yes
5. Start Kingdom Sampler SAL with Nicole - yes, having fun with Nikki again!
6. Begin to plan out what to stitch on Veronica's Neighborhood RR (if lucky, start it) - yes, picked out my chart, got the chart, ready to stitch
7. Continue Houses of Hawk Run Hollow SAL - yes, finished House 4
8. Continue Women of the Mayflower SAL - yes
9. Continue Garden Spot Sampler SAL - yes, Jo and I both finished!! I loved doing this SAL with her!!
10. Continue Quaker Garden at work - yes
11. If Anne is caught up, work on Bordeaux Mystery Sampler at work - no
12. Start Violet and Lace Sampler SAL with Katrina - no, still waiting for Katrina's silks for the project
***I rescued an old UFO, Harvest Moon, and made good progress... also worked on Mermaid Heaven for one evening this month

July Goals:
1. Finish Part 10 of Medieval Town Mandala
2. Finish Part 7 of Mystery IX
3. Finish Quaker Garden
4. Finish Harvest Moon
5. Continue Mermaids of the Deep Blue
6. Continue Women of the Mayflower with Sue
7. Continue Kingdom Sampler SAL with Nikki
8. Start Paradigm Lost SAL with Jo
9. Work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
10. Work on Veronica's Neighborhood RR
11. If there is time, rescue another old UFO (maybe Random Thoughts)
12. Start An Emblem of Love SAL with Carissa (and maybe Karen V.)
13. Start Blessings Be Thine as next at-work project
14. Work on Bordeaux Mystery Sampler again - now an SAL with Anne
15. Finish Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler

I felt like sharing a daylily picture today - one of my favorites, Cherry Candy, started blooming today. I may need to move it forward in the garden a bit. It seems to want to lean up against the house and against one of my climbing roses...

OK, the passwords are out for Medieval Town Mandala and Mystery IX - neither is huge this month - woo hoo! But, I am not in the mood for Chatelaine stitching tonight, so both will have to wait for at least a day - LOL! The latest The Gift of Stitching Magazine also came out today - I simply adore the Cindy Valentine Acorn Etui in this issue! Maybe I will have to learn some finishing techniques, because this one would be worth it!

I decided that I am so close to finishing Quaker Garden now, that I would work on it tonight. I just have a bit of the bird motif on the left to finish up. Maybe I can finish that while watching the baseball game tomorrow in an air conditioned room (we are expecting very hot temps tomorrow).... I haven't shown you a WIP of this in ages since it has been living in my brief case for weeks now. Once this is done, I will be freed up to get back to the Bordeaux Mystery Sampler and to start Blessings Be Thine as my new "at work" projects :-) (**I am sorry this photo is so terrible. It seems lately that Blogger won't let me upload pictures if I am editing an existing entry... so I had to use Photobucket and the details of the sampler look blurry and distorted. I will make sure to get a better photo tomorrow when I finish the sampler).

Stitched on today: Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler (finished it) and Quaker Garden


Missy said...

Mystery Sampler is very pretty, I like the richness of the colors.

I enjoy the pictures from your garden, thanks for posting them every so often!


Von said...

Congratulations, Carol! My toes are tapping to the music of your happy dance, lol!
Awesome job on your stitching goals for last month too. :D

Anne S said...

Awesome meeting of your goals as usual - and congrats on putting the final stitches into your mystery sampler ... woohoo!! :D Good to see the Chatelaine designs are only 'wee' ones this month ... gives you more time to focus on other things :D I don't see Bordeaux in your July goals - are we still doing this? Just checking - no biggie if not :D

Anonymous said...

Gosh you're a fast stitcher I'm only stitching on one project and it's taking forever....and on top of that you have a green thumb, what wonderful lillies.

I'm definitely envious :o)

Dianne said...

Terrific finish-it looks like you found it in a museum. : )
I love daylilies too. Wish the blooms lasted longer though. ; )

Sasha Farina said...

such gorgeous colors for the sampler.. Congrats Carol.

Unknown said...

Excellent Carol, you finished it. Both the people I knew who were stitching, other than myself and you and Jo have both finished miles ahead of me.

I love the colour of your day lily.

Susimac said...

Mystery sampler looks great, beautiful colours. I have quaker garden in my to do pile but not got round to starting it yet.

Kiwi Jo said...

Congratulations Carol! It looks like you will have 2 finishes just 2 days into the month :)

Anonymous said...

Mystery Sampler is great. And Quaker Garden is almost done. You're on a roll in the finishing up projects department.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your finish! I've really enjoyed watching you stitch this piece.

Lelia said...

Your MS finish is great, congrats! QG is nearly there, too. WOOT. Enjoy the week-end

catandturtle said...

Carol, I love the Quaker Garden. I have that one waiting in the wings as well. A friend gave me a framed picture recently to see if I liked it for my house. I don't like the picture but the frame is perfect for Quaker Garden. I am going to start on that soon.

Stitching Bits and Bobs shows the Olde Willow Stitchery thread as in transit to the store so hopefully soon I will get that and start Women of the Mayflower. They have really taken much too long for this.

Sharon said...

Congratulations on finishing your mystery sampler! Looks great.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Carol, I'm amazed at how much stitching you get done in a month!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finish on the PC Mystery Sampler, Carol! Congrats!