Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sailing on the Mayflower

I couldn't even begin to think of what I wanted to stitch on tonight, but one of the projects right next to me was Women of the Mayflower so I grabbed it! The other was Paradigm Lost, but that is a Tuesday night project, exclusively... So.... not a ton of progress tonight, as I spent some time learning the proper counting rhythm for the diagonal satin stitch of the ship - but I got it now :-)

I wanted to thank everyone for your wonderful comments on Harvest Moon. I don't think the photo in yesterday's entry does it any justice... for those who asked, the mats I ordered are by Jill Rensel, who designs mats for Shepherd's Bush. You can see what they look like in the photo here. I love the cut-out stars.
OK, here is another daylily from Mike's recent garden photo gallery - today's choice, El Desperado (with insect visitor)...

I am now on a four day break from work - nice :-)

Stitched on today: Women of the Mayflower


Annemarie said...

I just noticed I missed your post! Harvest Moon is stunning, despite the 'poor quality' of your picture. Mike's photo's of your lilies are fabulous, by the way. Enjoy your long weekend!

Mary said...

You are getting really close to your birthday. Happy Birthday Weekend! You are doing great with Women of the Mayflower. Thanks for sharing another flower with everyone.

Unknown said...

Women of the Mayflower is coming along really well Carol, I'm loving seeing your progress.