Sunday, July 23, 2006

Harvest Moon Update

Not a whole lot of stitching time today. We ended up taking a drive out to the beach and kind of hanging around there this evening... and managed to get a parking ticket since neither of us could seem to remember to feed the parking meter when we got out of the car... what was up with us??? Anyhow... in limited time tonight I did manage to get near the bottom on Harvest Moon. I had a hard time photographing it, so I will ask Mike to take a picture of it next time, as it should be finished then, so I will have a decent final photo to share :-) I received an email from Paw Prints Cross Stitch a little while back to let me know they have placed the special order for my mat with Jill Rensel, so now I am eagerly awaiting the mat for this sampler. I can't wait to see it :-)

I've got a little urge to stitch Sampler Girls by M Designs now.... I guess I could make it my next "at work" project... I am just awaiting the linen for it now, and will pick up my needed threads next week when I visit my LNS :-)

Other than that, it was another humid weekend here... which is now over... have to get ready to face another work week now.... although I just remembered, it is only a four day work week, so I guess complaints are really not in order.

Stitched on today: Harvest Moon


deletethisaccount said...

What a wonderful idea :) to the beach! not the ticket though :(
Harvest Moon is looking lovely!!!! It's just beautiful!
And I LOVE Sampler Girls! I may just have to stitch that one one day soon too ... ohhhhh you're a bad influence *lol*

Von said...

Harvest Moon is wonderful! Can't wait to see it finished. :D
Sorry you have to endure the humidity. That's one consolation for us here - we get lots of heat, but very low humidity. Much easier tolerated. My car thermometer said it was 112 at 6 p.m. Think we still have two or three more days of this.

Kitty Couture said...

Hi Carol! I'm back online :)
You've been accomplishing lots in July! Sampler Girls is a lovely design. Take care! :)

Anonymous said...

Harvest Moon is looking lovely Carol - can't wait for your HD!

Anonymous said...

Harvest Moon looks great and you're almost done!

That is bad news about the ticket, but hope you enjoyed the beach.

Erin said...

When I first read that you got a parking ticket, my (obviously juvenile) mind went somewhere else with that. hehehehe

I think I have to stop reading your blog..."Sampler Girls" is really neat! My DH might even like it, as he said last night - "samplers are okay, as long as they don't have uneccessary alphabets." LOL I tried to explain the historical significance of all the sampler elements, but he wasn't convinced.

Michelle said...

Harvest Moon looks great - you are making so much progress! Can't wait to see it with the mat. Sampler Girls is darling. I will have to add this to my wish list!

Katrina said...

ohh, Harvest Moon is looking fab Carol. Do you know what, I was only just looking my Sampler Girls pattern the other day thinking to myself that it will be a lovely stitch one day - when I get around to it, lol.

my threads for the Violet and Lace Sampler have arrived too so I'll be all ready for our SAL whenever it suits you :) and thanks for the chart too, it arrived on Friday :)

Cathy B said...

You got my attention with Sampler Girls - what a neat design!

You are so lucky to be close enough to get together with Barbara next Saturday - have a great time!!!

Nice job on Harvest Moon!

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol,
Oooh, Sampler Girls is a lovely design!!

I love Harvest Moon-you are doing great on it :)

WOW, I bet you and Barbara and Patti will have a wonderful time. It's great that you all get the opportunity to meet IRL :) :) :)

Hugs to you :)

Unknown said...

Sampler Girls is lookiing great and well done on Harvest Moon too. All looking lovely.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Looking forward to your HD!!!