Saturday, December 11, 2004

2005 Stitching Goals

Well, it is time to get ready for 2005 - time to start my blog and plan my stitching goals for the year.

OK, after spending an hour or so going through my "precious" - you know, my stash - I have decided that these are my stitching goals for 2005 - I do pray that they are not too overly ambitious, but probably are....

Carriage House Samplings - Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
Legends - Legends of the Dragons
Chatelaine - Convent's Herbal Garden(at least this one has already been started, but not much done yet...)
L&L - Angel of Love and Little Wings
Homespun Samplar - Celtic Band Sampler
Dragon Dreams - Kingdom Sampler
Liz Turner Diehl - 17th Century Irish Garden
Earth Threads - Rebecca's Sampler and Elizabethan Sampler (both are class pieces)
Jeannette Douglas - My Stitching Treasures
Shepherd's Bush - Roma's Garden

Then on top of those, I will allow myself a bit more leeway and hope to do something, anything by these designers:

Birds of a Feather
Just Nan
Long Dog Samplers
Drawn Thread
Indigo Rose
Elizabeth's Designs

I also would love, if at all possible, to also finish:

Examplars From the Heart - The Mermaid and the Sea
Mirabilia - Gathering Eggs
Dragon Dreams - Beneath the Stars
Shepherd's Bush - Harvest Moon
Braldt Bralds - Bag Ladies

Plus a couple of projects to submit to Sugar Maple Fabrics Sugar Shack Gallery Contest, either from the above list or not :-)