Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Best Wishes Pedro!

Well, it all seemed so inevitable, and not as devastating as I thought it would be to hear that Pedro Martinez is moving on to the NY Mets. OK, yep he wanted that huge money. But, honestly, he is not the same Pedro he used to be, so I am happy the Red Sox are going to spend that big sum elsewhere - like helping to keep Jason Varitek and looking for some other premium players. Plus, Pedro - you know you cannot hit, so why did you chose to go to the Nationals?? Oh my, I will enjoy watching to see how you do, and I do sincerely wish you well :-)

On the stitching front, have been able to make good headway on Shimmering Mermaid the last couple of days! I might meet my goal to finish her before the year ends!!

We found a small glider (squirrel) had gotten into our house on Sunday night - and I had six Persian cats all trying to catch it before we could get it out of the house. What a thrill that was!!!!!! Lost sight of him at the end, but we are pretty sure he (or she) ran out the front door after we tried in several ways to trap it and chase it out of the house. I figure it did get out, because when we released the cats from their "lock down" zones, they all looked mighty disappointed :-) So, off went Mike to close the flue in the chimney - that must be how it got in!! Glad to have put on a show for the neighbors - seems several congregated in the street while we were rescuing the glider - guess we will leave it for them to wonder what was happening - makes life more interesting that way!!

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