Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Back to Shimmering Mermaid!! Making great progress, with the tail almost done I will only have the compass to stitch, then the backstitched border.... and then will come beading day!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! One more day of work and it's break time! I guess I will work a few hours here and there next week since we had calculated some income from my private practice to be able to pay my quarterly estimated taxes, but for the most part, it will mostly be stitching time (oh, and housework) for me!!

The only excitement of the day is that Mike got rear-ended on his way to pick up his suits at the dry cleaners on his way home tonight. The rear bumper of his Jeep Grand Cherokee got some considerable damage. At least he is alright, and the driver of the pickup that "slid into him" (hmmmm, the roads weren't slick, so shall we guess... he was speeding and didn't see Mike parked in traffic??) was also alright. Mike has an appointment for tomorrow night to get the estimate for repairs, so I guess he will be using my Jeep a bit next week to use for work..

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