Friday, December 24, 2004

Santa = Dave the Mailman

Santa came today in the form of Dave, our rural route mailman in his little blue Jeep - Mailman I received SB's Roma's Garden, as well as Mouline Rouge and Bagatelle by Long Dog Samplers from ebay sellers today. I will have fun looking through these today and planning them into my stitching schedule (I don't use a rotation system, so I just call it my stitching schedule). These are both big honkers (BAPs, actually) and I look forward to starting them. I have Long Dog's latest, Renaissance, in my wish list file now as well. Julia Line does great work.

Despite the last minute holiday shoppers, we found a parking spot at the Mall today, and made it into Best Buy at last for the AC Adapter for my laptop. I am back on my laptop, and am so happy about that!! And while we were there I also picked up two of the fairly recently released Jerry Lewis DVD movies - The Patsy and The Family Jewels - just love those old comedies.

And with errands now over, I can snuggle back in to work on Shimmering Mermaid - she is looking so great and will be done in just a couple of days now :-)

************** Jason Varitek is now OFFICIALLY signed with the Boston Red Sox for the next four years, and to show their devotion to him, the Sox also named him team captain - the team's first captain since 1989. Merry Christmas Red Sox Fans!Baseball 3

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