Sunday, December 19, 2004

Very quiet day - laundry, watching some football , working on Shimmering Mermaid (of course). Tried to go to Best Buy for the AC Adapter for my laptop, but since it is at the Mall, we ended up turning around - what a zoo! Will do this later in the week, since working here at my desktop is easy enough to do for now :-)

I saw this morning that I was high bidder for Chessie & Me's Liberty House Sampler with the special overdyed fabric. That is so cool! I love Chessie & Me charts and I have been able to collect several.... just haven't stitched any yet.... sound familiar, fellow xs addicts??

We are on the watch now for snow which could mess up the morning commute. Yuck! I know some areas have already been hard hit with snow for a while now, but not here - and I keep praying it will stay that way!

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