Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Finally! A Picture of Shimmering Mermaid!!

Shimmering Mermaid is done! I finished her last night, and finally got a picture taken today. She is done on 32 ct Fathom Lugana from Picture This Plus. This fabric has some qualities I liked, but doubt I will use this company again. As you can see, the dye of the fabric is not very appealing - very nice brown splotching towards the top, and then the second half is just blending into brighter blues.... pretty uneven. I love my Shimmering Mermaid nonetheless.... I started her in August, put her aside to work on Mystery VI and some projects for the Silkweaver Stitcher's Showcase - and finally was able to pick her up again around 12/1/04. I see a lot of stitchers do this mermaid on bright fabrics, but being from New England I did mine on fabric that resembles the Atlantic Ocean instead - she is from the New Hampshire seacoast or perhaps Cape Cod...

If you want to see any of my other projects, or my other online albums, please visit My OnLine Albums - would love to have you pay a visit!! The picture of Shimmering Mermaid is actually much better (clearer) over here in my album :-)

It is Tuesday - that is "New DVD Release Day" - so the girls and I ran up to WalMart and picked up Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Resident Evil: Apocalypse - the second of which Mike watched immediately! He loves those mutant, zombie kinda movies!!

With no Shimmering Mermaid to stitch now and still three days to 1/1/05, my planned start date for Houses of Hawk Run Hollow , I put a few stitches in SB's Bee Garden while settling in to watch DVDs with the nieces.


Isabelle said...

Shimmering Mermaid's gorgeous! What an accomplishment!

tkdchick said...

She's stunning! I bet the beads and metallics just shimmer!!!