Monday, March 21, 2005

Another Monday... quiet day in general, quite busy at work :-)

I was high bidder on ebay for a pretty band sampler chart called Honeybee Harmony by Patricia Ann Designs... and I received a lovely package from Katrina in New Zealand - we did a little trade, she wanted the current issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine, and in return she has sent me some small cuts of lovely Kiwi Illusions fabrics in Applemint and Pumice - plus a cute stuffed kiwi keychain and a pen from her company (neat, because we both work in the mental health field) - Katrina is so sweet!

A little bit of bad news today - the envelope arrived today from my pal who took it upon herself to be so sweet as to pick up a spool of Kreinik 010HL blending filament that she saw I had blogged about needing... the envelope came, but not the blending filament. The envelope arrived mangled and empty :-( Oh well... no good deed goes unpunished, right? Back to the drawing board on that one now!

OK, OK... problem solved! I cry "uncle," (or rather "unkle" as my niece Nicole just wrote in an email to my husband - gotta love that public school system!)- anyhow... I just placed a fiber order with Paw Prints Cross Stitch - there have been several fibers on my wish list for a while now, so I knocked a few off - I got the 010HL blending filament for Miracle Butterfly, a ball of DMC #8 perle cotton in 902 for Love Letter Lessons, a skein of Caron Wildflowers in Golden Grains (one of many fibers still needed) for Catherine Agnes, a skein of Silk 'n Colors in Camouflage for Castleton Sampler, and Kreinik #4 in 105C and in 101 for Midnight Hunting...OK, Uncle! I have been putting those off for a while now, glad that is resolved!

I received my first issue of Stitcher's
today - I sent in a card for a free copy, and decided today to fulfill my subscription - Image hosted by Photobucket.comThere are two gorgeous little Jane Greenoff samplers in this issue that include some fun new stitches and great diagrams, so I totally plan to do a little experimenting and use these charts to learn some new techniques. And, it is fun to get stitching mags in the mail, isn't it? LOL

Stitched on today: The Orchard at work - almost finished this today, but it was just too busy at the office to actually get those last stitches in... maybe tomorrow??, and Fairy Flora

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Katrina said...

Hi Carol, pleased that you liked everything I sent for our trade - couldn't resist sending you the kiwi - thought it was really cute!