Monday, March 28, 2005

Time for a Fairy Flora Progress Report

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHere she is as of tonight. She needs a good press and even a little blocking soon (before I add the beads) - I have to stitch her on a scroll due to the shape of the linen required for her - long and thin :-) I am loving her so much!! I know a few of my friends have asked to see how she is doing, so this is for you! I feel like her dress goes on and on forever, but as of tonight I now have myself positioned for either of the berries or to start the last rose as soon as I feel the need to stop stitching in salmon and lavender :-)

I also worked a little on Earth Angel earlier this evening - I put in those white stitches I needed to finish the earth - and that is done now, so next time I work on this project I will be back to working on the angel - yay! I am dying to see my SAL partner's progress, but no pics yet...(hint, hint).

Is anybody else engrossed in 24 like DH and I are? I am loving this show, and I hate waiting a whole week for the next installment! Argh!! I forgot what hour of the day this show started. I think we watched 9 PM - 10 PM tonight.... I wonder how many are left now?

My lambswool jobelan came in today from ebay. I love it - so great for samplers :-) And, I got a really neat surprise in the mail today too - Katrina sent me a postcard from her recent trip to Wellington, New Zealand - very cool, thanks Katrina!

Stitched on today: Green Old Gardens (for a bit at work this morning), Earth Angel (a mini happy dance to have the earth done now!), and Fairy Flora


Debbi said...

Hi Carol! I just wanted to let you know that i have been reading your blog for some time and have really enjoyed your updates. I wanted to let you know that i feel for all the snow you have had i used to live in upstate NY and saw quite a bit of it there. Thanks for the comment in my blog (pharlap wonders).

Nicole said...

Wow - she almost looks finished! It's amazing how quickly you are coming along on Fairy Flora. You'll probably have her finished in no time! Thanks for the update :)

Jenn said...

Carol,Fairy Flora looks great and you've gotten so much more done on Earth Angel that I'm asahamed to post my pic. :( I'm loving 24 too. I think it started at either 7 - 8 am or 8 - 9 am.

tkdchick said...

Great progress Carol! She'll be done in no time!