Thursday, March 10, 2005

Two Amazing Freebies on the Net! A Banner Day!

OK, today was a lucky day! A little surfing and reading of my email netted two amazing free online charts by two of my favorite designers! Here they are: Mini Cottages by Michael Powell (thanks to Kiwi Jo's blog)Image hosted by and Springtime Roses by Martina Weber/Chatelaine (thanks to Tina on the New England Cross Stitchers Board)!Image hosted by Maybe these are not new to you, but I found them today and am thrilled! If you have not picked these up already, enjoy!

A little stash arrival today - Cougar Scissors, Burnt Toast Colorwash Silk for 18th Century Southern Garden by Liz Turner Diehl, and at last, a fat quarter of 28 ct Sky lugana by Sugar Maple Fabrics for Summer Fairy Spirit by Passione Ricamo. This is an order I have been waiting a few weeks for from Stitching Bits & Bobs - am really glad it is here now!

And... I ordered some fibers from Wyndham Needleworks - a skein of Honeyed Turquoise Thread Gatherer Silk and a skein of Mountain Meadow Waterlilies, both for the aforementioned Chatelaine freebie, and a skein of My Heart's Garden Thread Gatherer Silk for Cari's Garden by Dreams of Stitches :-) I was really inspired by this one when I saw it in Karen V's blog - she has better pics of it there - she did a GORGEOUS job on this garden, and I traded with her to get the chart - yay!

Hey, lucky us - more snow for tomorrow and Saturday - heck, we don't need crocuses, daffodils or a baseball season, now do we? Cripes.

Stitched on today: The Orchard at work and, of course.... Fairy Flora

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Kiwi Jo said...

Thanks for the Chatelaine link - VERY tempting!!!!