Friday, March 11, 2005

Newman Gets Career Bud Pole #28!!!!!!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell, well! "Rocketman" Ryan Newman did not take long at all to get his first Bud Pole of the 2005 Nascar Nextel Cup Season! He will be starting on the pole for the UAW-DaimlerChrysler 400 in Las Vegas on Sunday! Yes! Too bad the "experts that be" on do not list him as a contender to win....oh yeah, they just love little Kasey Kahne.... sigh. (images from hosted by

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhat more can I even say? It occurred to me this week that the Red Sox are going to have a real problem.... so are the Yankees.... if this jet stream does not lift itself further north PDQ! The baseball season starts 4/3/05 (or so, but I believe that is the date...), and how can the Opening Day game be played in NY in this weather? Come on.... enter the Ice Age! Can someone in Florida be so kind as to go outside, face north and blow really hard? Please help to nudge that jet stream north. It should be around Maine right now, but instead it is stuck below the mid-Atlantic! So, anyhow... we are due for 7"-12" of snow from today (already snowing) through tomorrow? It is so icy on Cape Cod right now that cars are unable to manage the incline of the Bourne Bridge! I am so glad today was scheduled to be a short day - came home, had a late lunch with Mike at Longhorn Steakhouse in Manchester, NH, and now I can relax at home and stitch while the snow falls... sigh.

On a brighter note, I stopped on my way home today and picked up the DMC flosses I needed for Green Old Gardens by Elizabeth's Designs - luckily I had the four WDW that it calls for already in hand. I have already begun working on this one. I am loving it! It really called out to me when the chart arrived a week or so ago. I knew when I saw it's picture that I loved it, and when I saw that it is so tiny and delicate on 36 ct linen, I knew I had to start it - it is the antithesis of Fairy Flora (at least in some way), and this is such a nice break here and there for me!

The Renaissance chart by Long Dog Samplers, and the Victorian Sampler chart by Shepherd's Bush that I traded for arrived today. And, they are both soooo beautiful!

I also did a little shopping... clicky finger was twitching! The lady who is sponsoring the prize for the Bingo game I won introduced me to Down Sunshine Lane, and I decided to give this shop a try when I saw that they had Cream by Toni Goffe for 40% off! I also purchased two spools of Kreinik #4 braid and a skein of WDW that I needed while I was there. So cool to get that Toni Goffe chart at a decent price today! And, from Rocky Mountain Needleworking (which is now an ebay store only...) I picked up Gardening Spots by The Trilogy (not really my style, but my love for gardening trumped that!), Herb Garden by Little House Needleworks (reminds me of my husband - he tends his not so little herb garden in our front yard every year - want some mint, anyone? - LOL!), and Little Pink Houses by M Designs.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention this email I got - JJ's Collectibles is having a 20% off sale from March 18th through March 20th - hope this helps someone! I will likely check it out, there are still a couple of items on my wish list - LOL!! I have had great luck with this online shop (and with their ebay store), and I think you can trust them. Plus, they take PayPal. (Disclaimer - I am not an employee, just a satisfied customer!). Their site is a little difficult to use - you have to scroll down until you see Debby's picture to click to where you can enter the store... their site recently crashed and they are really trying to rebuild it :-)

Stitched on today: The Orchard at work, Green Old Gardens and Fairy Flora - basically, a bit of everything!


Anonymous said...

Oh Carol!!! I wanna come visit with you and play in the new stash you have been getting for the past week/s :)...If you let me come, I will bring warm weather :) LOL!!

Have a good weekend and enjoy your stitching :)


Kiwi Jo said...

Sorry to hear about more snow for you Carol. Spring must be nearly here though and it will be so sweet! Have a great weekend and enjoy your stash. I love your new Green Old Garden design and my wish list gets longer every day that I visit your blogger - you are an evil enabler!!!! Have a good weekend.

Kitty Couture said...

Hi Carol! There are so many interesting new things to read on your blog. :o)
You made a great choice with Toni Goffe! Ain't her cats irresistible? All the other designs you're writing about are lovely too. "Green old gardens" and "Little pink houses" are oh so cute!

I chime in with Jo, you certainly make us want us to get and stitch all those designs too!