Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Orchard Progress Pic....

I found some time, while watching baseball and the NASCAR Busch Series Race, to work on The Orchard today - it is an easy piece to work on while also keeping tabs on the sports! I took a digital pic to show the progress, since my efforts to scan this a few days ago came nowhere close to accurate linen color.... well, here it is!

Image hosted by from - Wow, kudos today to Hanley Ramirez, Triple A shortstop for the PawSox, who made an amazing triple play in the Red Sox victory over the Philadelphia Phillies this afternoon in Spring Training! Amazing!! I guess you could say we have quite an amazing prospect in Triple A - I kept hearing about him, and not thinking much of it, as I was a Garciaparra fan, then a Cabrera fan.... pleased to have Renteria now (hey, he got his first home run as a Red Sox today!!).... but looks like Hanley Ramirez is one to be proud of too!

I also watched the Telcel Motorola 200 Busch series race out of Mexico City today - it was pretty good. Only in Mexico will you see a race delayed because a dog is wandering on the track, though - LOL!!! No Ryan Newman today - he has the week off as there was no Nextel Cup race.... can you spell sad??.... That's me, having withdrawals!

Some storminess coming up AGAIN this week - oh, I do hope it is overrated and/or is more rain than snow.... sigh...

On the SAL front, Earth Angel will start soon - all votes in my blog, on the Needle & Thread Bulletin Board and in emails from pals were for the Blue Fusion lugana by Silkweaver, and so it shall be! And, Jenn called Silkweaver and ordered her fabric choice, so we should be able to start soon!!!

I am also really happy that I was involved in a trade today that will bring two charts I really have wanted for a while from my Wish List: Renaissance by Long Dog Samplers and Victorian Sampler by Shepherd's Bush - which I stitched about 12 years ago as a shop model for a former shop in Manchester, NH.... and somehow lost the chart (perhaps sold it on ebay), so now I get it back! So, how cool is that??!!

Stitched on today: The Orchard and Fairy Flora (working on the tree branches and peaches above her head now - a progress pic is coming SOON....)


BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!

Great progress on The Orchard! That's going to be a very pretty piece. I like your fabby choice for it!

Congrats on the Trade :)

Have a great day!

Nicole said...

I really like The Orchard, great progress so far! I have a few of the shepherd's bush small patterns (Violets, herb garden, root garden). HOpefully i will get to them some time ;) Any updates (pictures) of fairy flora?