Sunday, March 20, 2005

Happy Spring! And a new Petal Fairy Progress Picture too!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comToday was Petal Fairy day - I managed to give her a little bit of her wings, finish her back and do a little bit of her flower skirt (including a little bit of frogging.... seems to have been my weekend for that!). I don't think the #4 braid in her wings is showing up much in the photo though. I am really enjoying her, and figure I will pick her up more often now that she is really beginning to take shape.

Image hosted by is from Here is Ryan Newman on the pole in Atlanta today - take a good look(yes, I know you can barely see that little #12 car at the front in this pic...), as that is the last time he saw the front row today. Ryan was really struggling with his car today, spending the majority of this long race a lap down. But, Ryan did manage to get back on the lead lap late in the race, he plugged away and did not give in to his too tight car, and came in 14th (which, apparently, is his average finish in Atlanta). But there is good news! Ryan is now sixth in points!!!!!! Steady progress is being made! But when will Ryan win a race? Will it be soon? I hope so..... His team just really needs to figure out how to get from qualifying set up to racing set, quicker :-)

Spring is here! The snow that the forecasters threatened us with for over a week now did not come. South of us (Boston, the Connecticut area and even western Massachusetts) may see some overnight, but not up here. Yay! Also, they are now thinking the Wednesday storm is also going to be south of us. We were happily in the 50's all day today! Too soon to get excited, but this is nice!

This weekend was just way too short.... sigh.

Stitched on today: Petal Fairy


Isabelle said...

Hi Carol!
Petal Fairy is coming along really nicely. Looks like a great design to stitch (my favorite Mirabilia with "Touching the Autumn Sky"!). It's so exciting to see yours coming to life - and it's a good idea to start with the face, that way you can "see" her while you're stitching. It's as if she was inviting you to stitch her up now!

Bea said...

Hi Carol!
Yes, I came back. I was busy with other things during these days. I traslated something in English on my website too. I had read that you have the same "problem" with Watercolours sent by PawPrints. I could use it on some fabrics but I'll not finish them because every month a new one arrives. I wrote Pawprints to ask for doing a club based on a wish list. It should be nice!
Kisses Bea

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, happy spring to you - seems weird saying that when its now autumn here in NZ! your Petal is looking fab, look forward to seeing you make more progress on her. I have only the beading to do on mine so I'm aiming for a happy dance this weekend. Thanks for the magazine and chart too, they arrived on the weekend!

Gill said...

Petal fairy is really beautiful, you are doing a brilliant job with her. Keep up the good work!

anneke said...

Hi Carol, our computer was very slow last week, but I have to comment on the amount of time you stitch in a day or week.
It's great. I try to stitch a lot, but I don't think I manage to stitch that much.
Congrats on that. And thanks for stopping by on my blog from time to time.