Thursday, March 31, 2005

Green Old Gardens Progress Picture Today...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI thought I would show you how Green Old Gardens is coming along. I really, really am enjoying this one! I have two more little garden squares to do before I stitch the border and put it aside for my next group to go to the framer.... I will miss this one when it is done! Nikki has already laid claim to this chart, so I will happily set up some kind of trade with her once I am finished with it... Sunny

Very quiet day today. It was sad to see Terri Schiavo pass away today and now Mike told me the Pope is being given last rites.... could end up being a very sad week.... At least the temps are warming up - at last!

Here is a great link for a trailer for Fever Pitch - I sooooo cannot wait to see this movie (and get the DVD too)!

I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday!!! Gotta go to Arbour Counseling, my part time job, tomorrow afternoon to attend a Polaris training - this is some kind of outcomes measuring tool they have selected to use to meet various HIPPA and insurance company mandates. This is different from the one I use in my private practice (I use TOPS), so I guess I gotta go to a dull meeting... Sleeping

Yoohoo! There is finally some NASCAR again this weekend, and the Red Sox vs. Yankees Opening Day game too! Woo Hoo!

Found this in Natty's blog today - thought it had some interest, mostly because I was interested in what I would say to each...
Accent: New England, but I am conscientious about purposely pronouncing my r's, unlike most around here - I think a lot of New Englanders flat out sound uneducated with their abuse of the English language...
Bra Size: 36C, not ashamed of that!
Chore I Hate: Cleaning the litterboxes!
Dad's Name: Clyde Henry Brunquell
Essential Makeup: Mascara
Favorite Perfume: Ralph by Ralph Lauren
Gold or Silver: Gold, no contest!
Hometown: Andover, Massachusetts as a child, and Auburn, New Hampshire now
Interesting Fact: I really don't think I have any of those :-)
Job Title: Psychotherapist (Licensed Mental Health Counselor, officially)
Kids: None, unless you count the six furry four footed ones...
Living Arrangements: My husband, Mike, and I own our own house
Mom's Birthplace: I think it was Queens, New York
Number of apples eaten in the past week: None, they have more carbs than I would like - but does Wrigley's Extra Green Apple gum count? If so, one or two a day!
Overnight Hospital Stays: None, except a day or two when I was born
Phobias: Too many - mostly heights, driving on ice/slick snow
Question I ask myself a lot: Oh, why did you do that? tied with What were you thinking??
Religious Affiliation: Lutheran
Siblings: Scott age 43 and Kathryn age 40
Time I wake up: 7:15 AM weekdays, whenever on weekends
Unnatural Hair Color: N/A - I refuse to dye my hair
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Turnips, Brussel Sprouts
Worst Habit: Compulsive spending!!
X-Rays: My arm as a child (when my brother kicked me out of a hammock - yep, broken arm!)
Yummy food I make: Not even one, I don't cook
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Stitched on today: Green Old Gardens and Fairy Flora


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol!

What wonderful progress on Green Old Gardens. I WILL be buying this chart-I love it! Thank you for sharing your progress :)Your work is always such a pleasure to see!!

Enjoy your weekend :)

Unknown said...

Wow you are moving right along on Green Old Gardens :) Hopefully this weekend I can put together a file with my trade list. I haven't had time as of yet.

Oh - I picked up the Waterlilies Storm Clouds yesterday so I will mail that as soon as I get an envelope. And Herb Garden did arrive :) Thank you so much :)


Anonymous said...

You're making amazing progress on Green Old Gardens, Carol - it's looking fabulous:)

Karen V

lobea2004 said...

Great progress, Carol!
I love your Green Old Gardens!
Thank you for inviting me in the group, I'm going to join!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Green Old Gardes is coming along fantastically!