Saturday, April 02, 2005

Floss Tosses and a Fairy Flora Progress Picture

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! It is raining steadily here, though I am glad I am not in Worcester County where it is much heavier! Mope about it? Nope, not really - not when there is a great DMC sale still going on at A.C. Moore! For barely more than $10, I was able to get ALL of the flosses I need to stitch Midnight Hunting, Angel of Grace, Queen Mermaid and House Samplings :-) I am so excited!! It is a tighter month, financially, with estimated taxes due in two weeks and my reimbursement check from the insurance company I work for now being two weeks late - so it was excellent to get such a bargain!!! I think I will go take pics of my floss tosses for the first three of these to share here in today's entry.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comMidnight Hunting on 32 ct Thunder lugana by Sugar Maple Fabrics. I admit I was disappointed with this fabric when it arrived. I had seen this lovely project stitched on this color by someone else, and my fabric arrived with the blue and white, but very minimal, barely visible gray/black in it :-( Likely my fault for ordering the lugana - the one I saw must have been done on belfast which surely takes the dyes better. Basically, my fabric looks like sky, but no thunder in my sky (but it is called Thunder... there really should be some thunder in my sky...!). Nonetheless, I will still use this fabric :-)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAngel of Grace on this month's 32 ct hand dyed jobelan solo lugana (from Silkweaver's Fabric of the Month club) - I think this fabric is perfect! It has the grey tones that Marilyn used in her model, while also having the mauve tones that I had always planned to use for this gorgeous angel (my favorite MLI angel, you see...) My black persian, Angus, was very involved in this little photo shoot - he kept grabbing at the flosses as I laid them down - in this shot you can see part of his black paw in the upper left corner of the fabric - just before he tried to take another swipe!)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comQueen Mermaid on 32 ct Nautical Lights opalescent lugana by Dyeing4U. I had ordered a different fabric for this and when it came in the color was terrible. Dyeing4U recommended this replacement, as the owner/dyer there is doing this same mermaid on this particular fabric... she is right, great match!

The mailman was good to me yet again today!! My order from JJ's Collectibles' big Spring Sale came in with all of the yummy Anchor flosses I ordered for three various projects, as well as the stunning Six Hem Sampler chart, which is yet another stunning project done on delicate 36 ct linen - an all time favorite linen for me, so I am sure this will be a totally fun stitch! I also received Green Tree and Honeybee Harmony from ebay sellers today!

I awoke this morning to find out I was high bidder for a chart I have admired for a while now - Apple Sampler by Birds of a Feather. I did a huge happy dance over that win!!

I did a tiny bit of ordering today - I had to in order to be ready for the Catherine Agnes SAL with Karen V.
- ah, a good excuse to spend even when money is a little tighter :-) I thought I had a skein of Distant Hills Waterlilies, but I was wrong. So, I ordered that and a custom cut of Light Sand Belfast from Paw Prints Cross Stitch. This is the last of what I need to be ready to start this month - yay!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis shows what I am up to right now with Fairy Flora - this is as of tonight - all the busy, dense stitching in the lower portion of the design :-)

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora... and now it is late, time to...Daylight Savings


Katrina said...

Hi Carol, those threads sound like a bargin to me - here they are $1.30 NZ each!!

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!

ALL I can say is "YUMMY" !!!! WOW, look at all those lovely fabbies!!!
I can't wait for you to get started with these and begin sharing your progresses and thoughts with us!!!

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol :)
Second Times a charm..LOL-my post got eaten :)

All I can say is "YUMMY"!!! WOW, look at all those gorgeous fabbies! I can't wait for you to start on these projects and share your progresses and thoughts with us :)

Sounds like you had a banner day! Good for you!

Debbi said...


I think that your fabric choices look great! I think that the dragon will come out nicely on the fabric even minus the "Thunder".
Thanks for the thoughts! I mean if they can't tell that i am pregnant by looking at me then i think i may have other issues with the Floor Manager here. My boss thinks its nuts, but he knows that if they come to take this chair i will just leave. It isn't worth my discomfort to get a night's pay! Silly corporate people!

Anonymous said...

Wow! All those threads for around $10! Over here, I can get DMC for around 45p per skein ($0.84) from Hobbycraft, but at the LNS it normally retails around 52p minimum (just under $1.00).

All your floss tosses look fabulous - I think Midnight Hunting will look just fine on that fabric as it is :)

Karen V

anneke said...

I think only real stitchers can say: yummy floss! I can feel what you're feeling: I love to have new stuff. It gives such a good feeling to know there are beautiful things waiting for you to be picked up and stitched.
Enjoy the feeling!

tkdchick said...

Carol, I think Midnight Hunting will look great on your piece of thunder it may not be as dramatic but it'll be lovely!