Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Green Old Gardens Happy Dance!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHere it is, all finished up! I spent part of the day at work starting the border, and then I spent my evening finishing it up. I love this piece. It was one of the funnest pieces I have stitched as of late :-)

I received a small fiber order today that I had placed with Down Sunshine Lane - a skein of Split Pea Soup Needle Necessities for Rose Lights and 014 and 102 Kreinik #4 braids for Queen Mermaid, two projects I am slowly but surely kitting up... someday they will be all set :-) Anyhow, great customer service, fast shipping from this INS!
Image hosted by from Uh-oh! It looks like the Yankees have a bit of a problem! It appears that the Red Sox have faced their stellar (and he IS stellar) closer, Mariano Rivera too many times now and have figured him out! Today Rivera blew his fourth save in a row against the Red Sox (and also his sixth out of nine!!). As much as the NYY want to deny this, this truly is something to worry about. They may have a better starting rotation, but if their closer cannot close out games against us, the value of the starting rotation does drop.... time will tell. Go Red Sox! Red Sox 7, Yankees 3!
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Q. What is your next specialty stitch?

A. I am really afraid I don't understand the question this week :-( Maybe it is just the wording? Does the question mean what specialty stitch is coming up next in one of my projects, or which do I plan to learn?? Well, I will answer it my own way. I plan to be starting Indigo Rose's Catherine Agnes soon as a SAL with Karen V. I noticed it requires the bullion stitch, which I once really struggled with on a Moss Creek sampler.... so my plans are to practice this stitch a bit before it crosses my path on Catherine Agnes.... Yikes!

Stitched on today: Green Old Gardens (all done!)


Isabelle said...

Yeah! How gorgeous! Well done Carol. And how appropriate too, just in time for Spring! :D

Hmmm. I was wondering the very same question about the SBQ. Which is why I was delaying my reply to the question. Now I've got no excuse! ;)

Congratulations again on such a lively finish.

Nicole said...

Wow - Congradulations on Green Old Gardens, it came out beautifully! The colors are just wonderful!

I tried deciding on a backstitch color last night and I hardly see a difference between 939 and 823 so i'm going to just go with your words about color family :) 939 it is. This will be the piece I pick up on Sunday or Saturday morning so progress will definately be made soon!

tkdchick said...

Awww Carol you Garden looks fantastic!! Well done your a demon lady!

BeckySC said...

Beautiful, Carol!!!