Saturday, April 16, 2005

Catherine Agnes

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt took me a while to decide what to stitch today, but I ended up starting Catherine Agnes - this is a SAL with Karen V. - she should receive the Waterlilies I split with her for this any day now (if not already) - looking forward to seeing her progress pics too. I quit before the cut work, as I want to make sure I am wide awake for that - and am not sure my embroidery scissors are sharp enough to cut those threads neatly, so a little worried about that...

I was high bidder for The Spirit of Christmas today.... and I ordered skeins of Caron Waterlilies in Iced Lavender and Avalon as well... Stitching Bits & Bobs is having another sale so I grabbed them there.

I received my first FOTM order from Dyeing4U today - I received two fat quarters of belfast linen - one in Cameo Peach and one in Morning Dream. They are pretty, but I am not sure I have anything that Cameo Peach will work with. I am not big on pastels. You take that chance with FOTM clubs. Maybe I will hold on to it for a while and see what comes along, or I will put it on my trade list over at Fiberswappers or post it on ebay... or if any of my blog readers are interested in trading for it... cool. It's truly pretty, just not my taste. I believe the Morning Dream will work well with some of the L&L angels I have lined up.... I have been wanting a pale blue or pale lavender for one or two of them anyhow :-) ...I also received the Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch & Beading Issue No. 43 from ebay today... love those Australian charts in this one.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIsn't this pretty? It is a Marjolein Bastin freebie that I will be receiving soon by way of Australia :-) BH&G Magazine in Australia had it to offer - I am looking forward to this one :-)

Red Sox 6, Devil Rays 2 - and a great start for Matt Clement tonight :-) Not to mention Manny Ramirez! It is safe to say he is out of his slump now with this back to back homeruns, the second of which was a Grand Slam :-) He provided all six RBIs for the Red Sox tonight!

You are

Wonder how they figured this one out - all they asked was what color undies am I wearing?? I said black and grey tiger print hipsters by Victoria's Secret - so they made me brown?? ROTFL!

Stitched on today: Catherine Agnes and Fairy Flora


tanyah said...

Hi Carol,

You really do have a lot of wonderful projects on the go. How do you find time to stitch them all, and update your blog with current photos etc?


Kiwi Jo said...

Great to see that you've started Catherine Agnes. It's going to be stunning!!

Carol said...

Hi Tanya,
It is just a matter of having a routine and being either blessed or cursed (depending on how you look at it) with OCD. I stitch sometimes at work (am a therapist and get free blocks of time) and then in the evening in front of TV - I watch baseball, football and NASCAR without fail, so I stitch then too. Then I just take my project to my scanner or get out the digital camera, get the pic and load it up to Photobucket... then it only takes a few minutes at the end of the night to blog (as long as Blogger is up and running smoothly) - I just keep to my routine, my OCD makes sure of it :-) As the weather continues to warm, you will see my OCD in action with my gardening too :-)

Coral said...

Hello! I am from South Africa, I am planning on starting Catherine Agnes, but the thread prices are insane! Could you suggest a swap for me that will work? Thank you!