Sunday, April 03, 2005

A lousy day for sports for me....Ryan... Red Sox...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's Passione Ricamo SAL Day! I worked for a bit today on Miracle Butterfly. The Red Sox v. Yankees opening day game is going to start in a few minutes and I don't want to have to pull myself away from it, so here is my work up until now. I will keep stitching on it during the game :-) She is starting to get one of her wings now :-) If I were to stitch this again, I would replace the one strand of black DMC and one strand of 005 black blending filament with one strand of black Anchor Marlitt. I think it would sparkle better, and would be easier to work with. I generally don't have big problems with blending filament. It was super easy to work with on Fairy Flora, but this black blending filament is so flimsy and shreds extra easy :-( The going is slower than I expected with the black right now. I am starting to get anxious about my 010HL blending filament still not coming in yet - it is forcing me to work around those areas, so she doesn't look very filled in yet :-( Also there is a lot of beading that I am working around right now. I hope other stitchers in this SAL will be posting pictures after today too. We are still welcoming more stitchers in to our little group, so please join us if you feel so inclined!

Image hosted by from This photo should show how Ryan Newman's day went today in the Food City 500 in Bristol,
Tennessee today. He crashed around lap 150, pretty much all on his own too :-( He is the car in the middle in this shot. As you can see, he had plenty of company with lots of other cars having to finish the race without the front ends :-) I lost count of how many cars wrecked today - it is easier to figure out who didn't! Unfortunately, Ryan has fallen out of the Top 10 in points, just hanging in at 11th - he should rebound easily as the tracks he excels at are coming up soon!

And now, in the bottom of the eighth it is more than safe to say that the Yankees beat the Red Sox (who failed to bring any pitching to the game tonight!) - the Sox best go sit down and have a little talk with themselves about this one. I knew Theo did not do a good job with getting us pitchers this past winter!! Argh.

Stitched on today: Miracle Butterfly - I did get a bit more done during the game, and I will post a new progress picture in tomorrow's blog entry :-)

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