Sunday, April 24, 2005

Passione Ricamo SAL Week 5

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI did not stitch for too terribly long today - felt a bit off today and spent some time outdoors weeding my garden. The fresh air, after so much rain yesterday, did me some good! Plus we still had Erin with us until Mike drove her home late this afternoon. I did a bunch more of the beading (around her waist), plus some things here and there.... :-)

I purchased Emerald Jewelled Garden today: Image hosted by Photobucket.comI saw this chart was on sale at Stitching Bits & Bobs, and since I also had to order a skein of Golden Grains Waterlilies, I went for it (I realized after splitting what I had of this fiber that I will need quite a lot of it for one of my upcoming Chatelaine gardens.... :-)... no biggie, the Waterlilies are on sale too!).... Anyhow, since I am enjoying Liz Turner Diehl's historical gardens so much, I thought this one might be fun too!!

Red Sox 11, Devil Rays 3 - now, that is more like it! This game was full of drama with three Sox and three Rays all being ejected for fighting! What is with these two teams when they get together at Tropicana Field?? Many think the Red Sox and Yankees hate each other, but aside from the 7.24.04 game last year, such fights don't happen between us - there must be more respect between Red Sox and Yankees than with the Devil Rays? This hitting guys with pitches baloney is getting tiring...

Well, I won't complain about our rain since Michigan is getting snow from this system!

Stitched on today: Miracle Butterfly


Anonymous said...

I've been eyeing up that Emerald Garden myself - have you seen the companion piece, Sapphire Jewelled Garden? Another one for the wishlist, LOL.

Hope you're feeling better today!

Karen V

Nicole said...

Great progress, the beading on Miracle Butterfly looks amazing!

The 17th century garden piece is also coming right along :) Thanks for sharing your progress.

I focused on Legends of the Dragons this weekend and made a ton of progress which is good because i probably won't touch it again for 2 weeks with Celebrations this weekend.

Gill said...

I love your Miracle Butterfly. It looks really hard, but you are doing an excellent job:)

Carol said...

Oh no! She is not hard at all :-) I love the Passione Ricamo charts- they are really well done, like Mirabilias but smaller

tkdchick said...

Carol I'm just amazed at your progress on this piece each week!