Friday, April 15, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.comTonight I worked on Legends of the Dragons. "Magic," the center dragon, is starting to grow now... and I ambled on to work on a little of the knot work border too... I opted to use one strand of Waterlilies silk for mine - just a standard response for me using 32 ct. It is really delicate - I like it a lot :-)

I ordered a custom cut of Peach Grove Cashel from Sugar Maple Fabrics for Once Upon A Time - this is the fabric recommended by Laura of Passione Ricamo for this design. Mindy of Sugar Maple Fabrics was really excellent to work with - I told her what I needed the fabric for and she helped me out tremendously - I think I am going to like the fabric she will be dyeing for me in the next week or two.

I received a small order in the mail today - Wintry Mix and the embellishments for Ice Blossom - I put in a request over in the Fiberswappers group to see if anyone has a small amount of Iced Lavender Waterlilies silk that they would trade with me so that I can stitch this one :-) I really hope someone can help me out - I have tons of fibers I can trade for a small amount of

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHey, hey! Ryan Newman is on the pole again for the Samsung/Radio Shack 500 in Texas on Sunday :-) Go Rocket Man! (photo from

Red Sox 10, Devil Rays 0 - great game tonight for David Wells - seven solid innings of pitching - YES!

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher at work and Legends of the Dragons... not sure what I will stitch tomorrow... which one is next?

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Unknown said...

Awesome progress! I love that I get to see your progress as i stitch along on mine! This SAL is working out great! As long as you have multiple large projects going I can keep up :)