Friday, April 22, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI decided to keep going for another day and enjoy working on 17th Century Irish Garden - it really is a lot of fun to stitch. I have a lot of backstitching still to do in the camellia garden (the right side garden you see in the photo) but I made sure to backstitch the little black cat before I put it away :-) Stitching with the burmilana wool was a little interesting... :-)

What a beautiful day - sunny and a little bit cool, but really nice. I took today off - the way my schedule has been running at work, I have been able to get every other Friday off. I have to reorganize that soon, as it is not financially a great idea to keep doing that. But we have Erin, our almost 12 year old niece, up here with us and it has been fun - she and Mike are playing with their PSPs, which is giving me tons of time to stitch and watch the Red Sox :-)

The mailman was very good to me today (again): I received The Spirit of Christmas chart from the ebay seller today, and I received some of the items I have ordered from Stitching Bits & Bobs too - this included the new Enchanted Mermaid chart, Once Upon A Time, and a skein of Avalon and a skein of Iced Lavender Waterlilies too. Plus, my friend Karen sent me a packet of freebie charts from BH&G in Australia - I had to ask BH&G to send them to her, and then from Karen to me, because they won't send to the US... this included the pretty Marjolein Bastin Garden Sampler I posted here in my blog about a week ago. Here it is:Image hosted by I am so excited about that - and generous Karen also sent me some Petite Treasure Braid she knew I needed for Angel of Dreams - isn't she sweet??

I sent off four of my Just Nan samplers to Karen today - she is borrowing them to hang in her new shop for a while - way, way down in Katoomba, Australia! My babies have flown far away from me :-) I trust them with Karen, though (of course!) - I just hope they get there safely. I sent her my Lady Scarlet's Journey (can't find a link that shows the entire sampler in one piece), Ebony Rose, Flowers of Joy, and With My Needle :-)

Late last night, after I had already blogged, I did a little bit of shopping at Paw Prints Cross Stitch - a custom cut of light sand 36 ct edinbugh linen for Six Hem Sampler and, at long last, the 16th Century English Knot Garden chart - I am so hooked on these stunning Liz Turner Diehl gardens right now!

I did a little bit of ordering today - I want to stitch Take Time To Knit for my mom (she adores knitting - my dad passed away in front of her while she was knitting back in 1995, so getting back to knitting was a struggle for her), but I don't want to buy a pricey fiber pack... but I came across this conversion by Victoria Clayton, and I am going to give it a go! I will put on a charm of my choice and it will turn out great! I also ordered a skein of Buckwheat Honey that I need for Rose Lights too :-)

Devil Rays 5, Red Sox 4.......

Erin and I ran to WalMart today - I bought her a couple of DVD movies from the $4.88 sale bin, and picked up Saturday Night Fever for us - because, sad but true, Mike and I grew up watching this movie!

Stitched on today: 17th Century Irish Garden


Kiwi Jo said...

wonderful stitching this week as usual Carol! Thanks for the borthday wishes. I had a great day and it was such a treat to be at home and not do any work or chores!

Bea said...

Carol...I read your story about bulbs!! I think you were very unlucky!!
I'd like to show you my tulips. I hope to ulpoad a picture in the next days.
I read you passed from the Cotton Club to the Silk Club. I received my monthly envelope and...guess! They didn't send the watercolours thread! I'm so happy!