Monday, April 25, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTonight I worked on Legends of the Dragons for a little while - now Magic is getting his wings, but they still need one more shade of blue in them.... and he needs another glowing ball and some backstitching, then he will be done :-)

I received a nice treat from Becky today - she recently stitched up My Garden, and then sent me her chart! I am so excited! This has been on my wish list since the kit first came out! It will be so easy too - uses DMC and Weeks, and I have tons of those little bee charms! Thank you so much Becky - you made my day, that is for sure!!

I needed that pick me up, because I was so disappointed... crushed, actually... when I pulled up to Ben Franklin's in Derry, NH this afternoon - I was thinking of looking into whether or not they had any Irish linen for my Liz Turner Diehl gardens... and the glass store front is all papered up and a public notice is posted. They are closing! They will reopen on Wednesday with a "gigantic going out of business sale," and I don't know if I will be able to schedule any time to get to that... but now I am wondering where I will be able to quickly pick up Mill Hill beads, Kreinik fibers and Gentle Art Sampler Threads any longer. I am so crushed! This economy is really killing off our craft stores now. A.C. Moore is nearby in Salem, NH, but they only carry about 25 colors of Mill Hill beads... maybe 10 Kreiniks (if that).... oh, just so disappointed! I could cry :-(

Well, Celebrations is less than a week away now!! I am really looking forward to taking the Betsy Stinner class on Saturday afternoon - and if I am lucky I can meet up with some of my new stitching friends there too!!

Orioles 8, Red Sox 4....

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher at work, and Legends of the Dragons


Unknown said...

He's coming right along! It's great to see Magic come along as I do Majesty! I've had such fun working on the dragon that i'm dreading going back to border work :( Hopefully once i get started i will get back into it as it wasn't so bad. Plus there's the over 1 word beneath to do, that should be fun... now all i need is time to pick it up again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol :)

I'm glad the chart got to you safely, and that you are happy with it :).

Your progress looks great! I always enjoy seeing your progresses :)