Monday, April 18, 2005

Started Angel of Love... finally :-)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFinally, I gathered myself up today since I had some free time - it is a holiday in Massachusetts (Patriot's Day formally, but informally it is Boston Marathon Day) - I got out of work early and while watching the Red Sox game I finally started Angel of Love. I bought this chart when it first came out in 1993 (same year I was married), and according to the receipt for the floss that I kept in the bag, I bought the floss back on 4/3/04. I know I bought the fabric, Golden Turret Cashel from Sugar Maple Fabrics, well before that.... but now it is started and I will rotate it with the rest of my projects! OK, you can't see much in this pic, but I felt like sharing my joy in getting it started. I always start in the center of projects (when I can) because I am horrid at centering any other way... so now I am slowly climbing "northward" on the project to get to her face.... I did, at least, get one hand stitched today (though I am not sure if you can see it... I took many photos of this and this one is the best in the lot... it does not show the vibrance of this fabric color as well as I had hoped it would either...). So, now I have another project to rotate in!

I did a little shopping today and got a fat quarter of Impressionism Cashel from Sugar Maple Fabrics at The Avid Stitcher - only $16 for a fat quarter of pretty hand dyed cashel?? Sold!!

Image hosted by
Received my monthly fiber club installment from Paw Prints Cross Stitch - I switched from the cotton option to the silk option this month. They sent me a skein of Caron Waterlilies in Polar Ice (lovely, but my timing was bad... I just bought a skein of this for Catherine Agnes a couple of weeks ago!), a skein of Caron Soie Cristale in 7055, a skein of Needlepoint Inc silk in 894 Lilac Range, and a skein of something called Eterna Overdyed Twist 8 in Mediterranean.... I will keep on with the silk option for now....

Red Sox 12, Blue Jays 7 - now Curt Schilling has his first win of the season :-)

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher at work - will put up a progress picture soon, Angel of Love and Legends of the Dragons (will edit this later with the progress pic, just getting going on it now...)
Image hosted by (OK, here's the progress as of tonight...)


Cathy said...

Hi Carol! I love that you are such a baseball fan. I was raised on baseball by die-hard Phillies fans. My Mom even works at Citizens' Bank Park as an usher for the Phils. Baseball is just one of those things that makes life worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol!!!

Angel of Love was my very first L&L (boy did I pick a doosey, and about ruined myself from stitching with beads, but have since gotten over that..rofl!) I stitched it back in 96 for my Best Friend...before I had internet and started keeping a journal of all my stitching. I need to get a pic of it next time I am at her house, so I can add it to my album. I stitched it on 14 ct. fiddlers-that was before I stitched on linens...seems like AGES ago now that I think about it, and how I wish I had stitched it on something different, but she loves it and it hangs proudly in her den, and that's what matters!!.

Good luck with Angel of Love-I look forward to your progress on her.

Your progress on Miracle Butterfly is awesome! My daughter would love this one!! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for your comment on Black Sheep Sampler, it is a joy to stitch :)

Unknown said...

I just looked at what angel of love is - wow! That's a lot of stitching :)

Legends is coming right along! I can't wait to get the head of my dragon done so he feels more like a dragon.. and then of course all the backstitching will help, there sure is a lot of that.

Keep the progress pics coming :)

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, congrats on starting Angel of Love, and I love the fabric you have chosen. I have a piece of it in my stash too - not sure what I'll stitch on it yet though, lol. Look forward to seeing your progress on this angel as I've also had the pattern for a very long time!!