Sunday, April 17, 2005

Passione Ricamo SAL, Week 4

Image hosted by Photobucket.comToday was the fourth week of the Passione Ricamo SAL, and I worked on my Miracle Butterfly - I started off by doing the beading of her tiara and outlining her face... and then the beading took over - I did her neckline and the cuff of her sleeve - and her dangly earring (which I don't think shows up all that well in my pic) - and some more work on her wings. I love her! She has a very Italian style to her - I have not seen any US designers do soooo much cluster beading for tiaras and necklines - she is so unique and Mike even complimented this one today - so it must be a good one! She is moving along nicely too :-)

It is kind of bugging me that with all the projects I have started (and am loving them all), I am not following my plans for 2005 as well as I wanted to - I really want to get started soon on Angel of Love (I have had this one kitted up for two years now, but keep getting sidetracked) and 17th Century Irish Garden as well... so I will pop both of this into my rotation very shortly now...

Mike ran out to run an errand today, and he picked up a treat for me - Finding Neverland DVD - my friend Karen really praised this movie, so I figured if she loved it, I will love it too :-)

Ryan Newman did not exactly have a stellar day today in the Samsung/Radio Shack 500 in Texas - - - he started on the pole but fell back quickly - I am getting a bit concerned (and frustrated) that this team just cannot seem to get their car ready for races now - seems Ryan is struggling with his car every week, they just don't seem to have it "dialed in" when the race starts.... argh, frustrating! Other teams are getting it right, why not the #12 Alltel Dodge?? So, he came in 16th and is now 9th in the points.... can't take much more of this mediocore racing Ryan.... But... better news today... Red Sox 3, Devil Rays 1... get out the brooms, that is a sweep!!! And, Tim Wakefield passed Cy Young today for number of strikeouts! Go Wake!

Oh, and the Boston Celtics have clinched their division and will go on to the playoffs for the first time in... ?? a whole lot of years! Good luck to them - they could complete the trifecta for us!! (Red Sox/Patriots/Celtics ???) Hmmmm.... too much to hope for, I am sure!

Stitched on today: Catherine Agnes (finished the acorns this morning), and then... Miracle Butterfly


Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow Carol that's amazing progress!!!!

Unknown said...

Your Catherine Agnes and Miracle Butterfly are both beautiful! The butterfly is progressing so quickly, as are all of your projects! It's so great to follow your progres! Thanks for sharing.

lobea2004 said...

Hi Carol!!
Good progress!
I like the dragon and the Catherine Agnes too.
Just to tell you that I've just posted my little progress of my SAL!!

Kiwi Jo said...

Beautiful work Carol. I'm going to have to stop visiting your blog because you are always introducing me to new designs and designers that I fall in love with and just *have* to get. I wasn't familiar with Liz Turner Diehl but I've just been browsing her designs and I am so in love with the gardens. Sigh. So many few $$ little time...

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, wonderful progress you are making on your stitching! well done!

enjoy Finding Neverland, its one of my fav movies for 2005, and of course, Johnny Depp, well, what can I say, lol.