Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's my anniversary

I noticed a few days ago that I have been blogging daily for one full year now, as of today. Time sure does fly! Before I know it, it will be two years!
Back to Houses of Hawk Run Hollow again today. I miss stitching the other pieces in my rotation, and I hope I will get a chance to do so soon. As much as I love this sampler, I am a rotation stitcher at heart and am itching to switch again. I spent a good portion of today's stitching time trying to untie quite a knot in my skein of Platinum VC silk. I lifted it out of its Floss A Way bag when I went to start stitching this afternoon, and somehow it was knotted up. I don't know how. It looked just fine when I put it in the Floss A Way bag last night... Anyhow.... I sure didn't want to waste any of this silk, because the VC silks skeins are really very small. They are only six strands of silk, and are "approximately" five yards in length. I am already concerned that I may not have enough of some colors to finish this project... same with Garden Spot Sampler, as Jo has also noticed... Houses of Hawk Run Hollow sure is not a quick stitch! I put quite a bit of time into it tonight and only finished the platinum that finishes the front of the house, and a little more of the lace agate on the side of the house.... And, believe it or not, I saw someone on one of the BBs actually has stitched this big honker of a sampler twice already! LOL

The Patriots showed signs of their old championship form today - it helps to have injured players start to come back healthy - as they beat the Buffalo Bills, 35-7....

Stitched on today: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow


karensff said...


Had a look back at Celtic Winter. She looks lovely. Glad you are going to keep going with her. I managed to do a little while I was away. Not much though. After Christmas I will replace the beads I misplaced and am hoping to have her finished by the end of January (I don't know how realistic that is).

I also love this house sampler. It really is very sweet and I love the colours. Congrats on your one year of daily posting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

And thanks for sharing with all of us, I enjoy reading your weblog!
I didn't comment much, but I'm reading a lot. :o)
Bye Juul :o)

Unknown said...

I have been reading your weblog daily since I picked my needle back up in August. I'm always inspired by your progress and speed!, although I don't always comment. Thank you for making us all a daily part of your life.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary Carol. I have a long way to go for that, but I will get there.
Your houses are looking great.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol! Happy one year anniversary! I have been a lurker for a few months and I love your blog. I always know there will be an update on your projects every day and you have inspired me to be more disciplined about stitching. You do amazing work and I love your cats updates. I too have 3 cats that like to "help" me stitch.
Keep stitching!

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary - I don't know how long exactly I've been reading your blog but it's been a while. The crazy amount of large projects you work on and finish is just amazing and inspiring! Keep up the good work :)

Leeland said...

Happy anniversary Carol! You have a great welcoming blog, and it's always a treat to read it. So keep up the good work! We'll celebrate your second anniversary with even more fellow stitchers!

Schokti said...

Happy anniversary, Carol! You have become part of my daily routine as well - I read your blog everyday over my coffee, without fail. Thanks for bringing some sunshine in my life!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carol. I read your blog everyday too, but have never commented. Thanks for all the inspiring stitching you do, and for keeping us motivated by your progress. Thanks again!


mainely stitching said...

Happy anniversary! I too, am a daily reader. Even when I don't have time for all the blogs in my sidebar (like tonight), yours is one of the 5 or 6 I "always" make a moment for.

Your HoHRH looks so lovely. And today I received the fabric and DMC skeins from you, which makes me more eager than ever to finish my Christmas obligations and get started on "my" projects!

BeckySC said...

Happy Anniversary, Carol!

Your progress looks great!

Anonymous said...

Happy bloggy anniversary, Carol! It's so nice to have you in the blogosphere, as your progress is always so motivating.

Now, if only I could figure out why your RSS feed doesn't seem to work right. Might have had something to do with your blog name change, or perhaps you turned it off? If the latter is true, can I beg you to turn it back on? ;) It helps me keep up with blogs easier... and yours is definitely one that I want to keep track of!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! How many years?