Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's Still Christmas!

I received a surprise in the mail today! Bine surprised me with a lovely holiday package! She had emailed me that she sent me something... but I was totally surprised by this gift! She is so generous! She sent me this adorable Victoria Sampler ornament - it is tiny and cute and looks just perfect on our tree! It has "2005" stitched on the back too :-) She also sent me a tradtional German cut out ornament of Santa on a rocking horse. I tried to photograph it three times, but it came out washed out and overexposed each time... Bine also sent me a nice skein of overdyed perle cotton (which I can use to finish off ornaments, right?) in reds and greens, two ornament cuts of fabrics, and... a bar of orange marzipan! Mike took that - I am on a sugar free/controlled carb diet. I am drooling over his treat though! What Bine does not know is that I am almost 100% German - a little French, a little Swiss mixed in... but almost entirely German! These treats were soooo cool!!!! Bine, you are wonderful and you spoilt me! Thank you :-)

Mike kept Christmas going for me today, too, by picking up a new Ott Lite for me for our newly finished basement. He was miserable last night with me stitching with the bright light we already had down there... now I have a lovely Ott and he can relax and not feel blinded - a win/win situation, right??
And, I really applied myself to putting some time in on Garden Spot Sampler tonight. I am realizing lately, though, that my SAL mate is miles and miles ahead of me with her progress. I wonder what happened to mine... and I pretty much think I have wasted a lot of time trying to struggle with this darn R&R 40 ct linen. It does not fit well in my large Q-snap, stitching in hand is not fun - it is slow and the silk does not lay as nicely (not even close) as when it does in the Q-Snap... I used the tiny Q-Snap tonight and folded the linen and caught it up in one side of the Q-Snap - Jo had suggested that a while back, and it worked quite well. But, I have quite a bit of motoring to do in order to come at least a little bit close to Jo's progress now.

Oh darn! Becky's mom loved Oh, Christmas Tree... I had dibs on it if she didn't like it LOL! Well, I guess I will have to stitch it myself now!

I got in my beads and Kreinik for Forest Goddess today! Oh, I am so tempted, but no! Mermaids of the Deep Blue starts this weekend, and that is what I need to focus on right now :-) Nonetheless, the mailman was holding onto a few other things over the holiday too - a couple of cuts of vintage belfast (one Cream, one Autumn Fields), Brightneedle's Strawberry House Sampler, a skein of Thread Gatherer Silken Perle that was delayed for Mystery IX...

Stitched on today: Garden Spot Sampler


lobea2004 said...

Carol, spring is good for starting our Dawn's SAL. When you like stitching it I'm ready (I'm not a rotation stitcher, you know). Then I decided to start The rose of Sharon with you so I'm going to wait for it. If I finish my Christmas Elf I'll start stitching something else, I've a big list of Mirabilia. Kisses.

Unknown said...

You and Jo are both making awesome progress on that Garden Spot sampler. I love watching your progress on it.

Kiwi Jo said...

Like I said in my email you will catch up fast when I go back to work :) Don't stress about it as a SAL is supposed to be fun!

What a lovely surprise from Bine, I've always loved that VS ornament with the cheerful red bird.

Unknown said...

I Love all the finished pieces you got back, the frames are great! What a nice surprise getting them back before Christmas!

Sounds like you had a good Christmas weekend, I'm glad to hear it :)

Erin said...

Hooray for the new Ott light! I got a new scroll frame for Christmas AND a Silkweaver GC...now I actually COULD join the Mermaids SAL, if I had all the beads and treasures.....hmmm. Maybe I need to visit my LNS before the weekend!

Shelleen said...

Garden Spot looks nice. keep up the progress.

Kathy said...

Garden Spot looks great hun, looking forward to see the nex installment of your WIP's and SALs

Awww what a lovely ornament


Kathy xxxxx

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

OHHH, more stash. I too keep looking at fabrics at Silkweaver that would be lovely for Forest Goddess. She is really calling to me, but I have to finish WF first.

Keep up the good work on your garden spot sampler. It is looking great!

mainely stitching said...

Had to laugh at your "disappointment" that Becky's mom liked her gift after all. Ha ha. I even showed that one to my husband, who was very impressed.

Your Garden Spot Sampler is looking great!

BeckySC said...

GSS is looking awesome, Carol! I love each week seeing this progress!

What a lovely gift from Sabine :)

hugs :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow Carol you have such talented and generous friends!