Monday, December 19, 2005

A lovely gift from Jenna!

I received the most adorable and exceptionally well stitched and constructed ornament from Jenna today! I wanted to brag on her and her work a little bit here! Isn't it just adorable?! I love Dragon Dreams designs, and was so thrilled to receive this lovely gift from her today! And the note in her card was so sweet. Jenna, I am glad that I inspire you with my stitching. That always amazes me, as I really just blog as my own little on-line diary, something I do for myself. It always stuns me to realize how many other people actually care about and read this blog!
OK, here is more Angel of Love for tonight... not a whole lot done, had a busy night - I decided to start her wings now... what do you think Anne??

OK... I have selected my fabric for Mirabilia's Forest Goddess! I will be doing this in the Mirabilia SAL as well. This is Mindy Decker's WIP of her project (hope she doesn't mind my sharing this) on her custom dyed fabric, Shimmering Forest Sprite! So nice. I ordered some belfast and now am really anxious to start this one - what a great color. (Mindy is Sugar Maple Fabrics.) I ordered up my Kreinik, beads and MH Treasure from SB&B... will be ready to go soon! (***Don't get all excited - I didn't start her yet, this is Mindy's work, my needles are not that fast - heck, I am still waiting for the chart to arrive - I know I panicked at least one stitcher with this photo here LOL!)

And... the mailman was quite nice to me today - aside from the super cool ornament, I also received two Silkweaver Solos... and I got Home of a Needleworker by Little House Needleworks today too - this one is overdue for being in my stash LOL!

Wow, the Mirabilia SAL is coming along nicely. We had 19 members already a couple of hours ago! Want to join us?? Please click either the link in yesterday's entry or the one in my sidebar - the more the merrier! Please know the rules are super simple - you just need to be stitching any Mirabilia, at whatever pace you want, and even if it is one you have already started!!

Stitched on today: Angel of Love


Dani - tkdchick said...

What a lovely pressie!!! You're so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Awwww.. you're so sweet! Thanks for the compliments and you are most welcome to the ornament. :) And I'm serious about being inspired by your blog!

Anne S said...

Woohoo - your ornament has arrived already! I agree - Jenna has a very sweet and generous nature :) I also agree with her comments on your blog ;)

I can also say I nearly fell over when I opened your blog tonight ... when I saw the new Mirabilia partly stitched, I thought "bl**dy hell, she can't have stitched it THAT quick already!!" - then I realised it was someone else's ;) ROTFLMAO. HOHRH is looking fantastic ... love the little kitty ;)

Shelleen said...

Love the dragon :-) great progress on your WIPs

Carina said...

The fabric is going to be perfect! Now I really wish I could take credit!

And Home of A Needlworker has been on my wish list for too long as well! I can't wait to see how that one progresses. Maybe it will inspire me to take it off my list and put it into my stash basket--or better yet, my Q-snaps!

mainely stitching said...

Isn't Jenna's stitching exquisite? I am just bowled over by how beautifully done her ornaments are!

As for being surprised by the impact you have on people with your 'little on-line diary' - well, I hope you know that your blogging means a lot to a lot of us!

Bine said...

Your ornament is lovely.
It's very nice to see Angel of Love growing.
I thought about participating in the Mirabilia SAL but I can't find the chart I want to do (Giggles in the snow) in my stash. But it must be somewhere in there so I will take a closer look.....

Bastet said...

What wonderful stash you got and the ornament is gorgeous. Angel of love is looking even more lovely. I would join the SAL but with my problem of sitting down with the larger projects, I'm almost afraid to.