Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Mystery IX (King's Vegetable Garden) Update

OK, I had a couple of days off from MTM, so I figured I could handle some more Chatelaine stitching tonight. I picked up Mystery 9 to work on Part 7... these little veggie gardens go quickly and I got quite a bit done. I cannot help but to wonder now what Part 8 will bring.... it won't be another pair of triangular veggie gardens.... will it be huge?? Gulp!! Maybe I will finish this part tomorrow, if I am not totally exhausted (Sundays have been wasted lately... so tired by then, maybe I shouldn't stay up so late??).

Q. Since you started blogging, have you noticed any difference in your
stitching habits? Tell us about them.

A. I submitted this question to Renee, because recently some of my pals who stitch and blog have been chatting with me about this very idea. For the most part, we have all come to say that we find ourselves to be much more accountable about our own stitching since we started to blog. For my own part, I have also found that I am now in many more SALs than I was when I was just visiting bulletin boards, I have discovered some wonderful new designers, and I have found so much support and encouragement from fellow stitchers while blogging - such as the fantastic support from my fellow bloggers for me to keep at it with Medieval Town Mandala! If I were not blogging, this project may very easily be far behind or have turned into a UFO... thank you, again, friends for that support! From a non-stitching point of view, blogging has opened my eyes and mind up to other parts of the world (still trying to get used to the idea that it is actually winter in the southern hemisphere, while it is mid-summer and very hot here in July!). I have made terrific friendships too! I am amazed that some bloggers have written that blogging has not changed their stitching habits... as I read their blogs, I see that they are just not even aware then of how much blogging has changed their habits... no exceptions, I think :-)

Stitched on today: Mystery IX


Jenna said...

I think you're right. It was hard for me to tell how I've been affected. Maybe we just can't see it ourselves. :)

Barbara said...

VG looks great! Very soothing colors.

So that was you who submitted this excellent question! It's brought up such interesting comments on the various blogs. The biggest change for me has been making friends - what an added richness to my life!! And secondly, I've learned/been exposed to so much more about cross stitch than I would've encountered on my own!

cathymk said...

I know my stitching habits have been affected - I have had more new starts in the past year or so than ever before!

zoeandcooper said...

M9 looks great. I am a bit apprehensive about what will be in store for us considering the amount of open space left and the number of months left in the mystery. We shall see what August holds:)

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Your Chatalaine project is coming along just beautiful and I love the colors in that.

As far as the Stitching Blogger question is concern: Yes it has made a big difference in my stitching as well too. Also I have made new friends through other Stitchers Blogs and I have learned more things and now I have become interested in Quilting. If it wasn't for my stitching friends that I have I would be totally lost.


Karoline said...

M9 is looking gorgeous

Bastet said...

Vegetable Garden looks wonderful. Very differant form MTM so it must be a wonderful change though it's the same designer.

Heather said...

Beautiful stitching as always Carol.

I have noticed how my tastes have changed since blogging too and I have made some wonderful friends.

Lelia said...

Good Answer. When I first read the sbq, I couldn't think of one thing that changed with my stitching.

But, now that I look back on my blog entries (been at it over a year) I really have made changes in my stitching. I'm actually FINISHING projects. I'm enjoying stitching (like always); however, I am enjoying the chatting & sharing aspect far more.

Isn't it fun to browse blogs -- like paging thru magazines -- there is a variety of needlework out there!

And, I've been tempted -- honestly tempted -- to work on a more complicated cross stitch project w/i the next year. Usually, I just don't even pick out the ones with 40 color shades - I prefer doing smaller projects or projects using a variety of stitches ...

After seeing beautiful counted cross stitch designs -- I just might try Emma's Garden.