Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lots of Hand Dyed Fabrics For Sale

Saturdays are good days too :-) I really enjoy working on And A Forest Grew. Tonight I finished that very colorful tree that I started last week, and I have decided that it must be some kind of hybrid citrus tree that grows both oranges and grapefruits... well, at least, that is what I decided. Almost through Section 6 now.

Tomorrow morning after I get up and make my coffee, I am heading straight into my room of stash and pull charts to get some serious work in on Rachael's Neighborhood Round Robin - thanks to all of the wonderful ideas you lovely ladies have given me!! I think this is really going to come together now! You'll see... ;-)

And, well, the monthly installment will come due soon on Angus' surgery and hospital bill (Angus' 6th birthday is Monday, by the way - he is very chipper lately too). So..... I will let go of even more fabrics yet again this month. Let me know if you want any of these. PayPal is preferred, and if you are outside of the US, then PayPal is the only payment that works for me. Shipping is low - we will chat about that when you contact me - I hope you see something you like! Thanks!
Top Row:
Sugar Maple Fabrics Dolphin Dance (disc color) 28 ct Jubilee, 13” x 18”, $13
Stitches and Spice Dawn Light 28 ct Cashel, 18” x 26”, $20
Kiwi Illusions Alpine Spring 28 ct Cashel, 18” x 26”, $20
Sugar Maple Fabrics Gnome 28 ct Jubilee, 18” x 27”, $20
Middle Row:
Silkweaver Jelly Bean (limited edition color) 28 ct Lugana, 18” x 26”, $20
Silkweaver Solo 28 ct Annabelle, 25” x 26”, $21
Sugar Maple Fabrics Guenivere 32 ct Belfast Linen, 18” x 27”, $20
Heaven Lee Creatins Mummy’s Delight 32 ct Jobelan, 18” x 26”, $18
Bottom Row:
Stitches and Spice Unknown Color 32 ct Lugana, 18” x 26”, $18
Silkweaver Solo 32 ct Belfast Linen, 26” x 36”, $30
Sugar Maple Fabrics Indian Summer 32 ct Lugana, 9” x 13”, $3
Enchanted Fabrics Unique 58, 32 ct Belfast Linen, 10” x 12”, $4
Silkweaver Dolphin Island (disc color) 32 ct Belfast Linen, 18” x18”, $15
*****OK, blogging pals, you came through for me solidly last time! I am seeking another Prairie Schooler freebie. I am looking for one that is of the four seasons in a square... sun, leaf, pansy, snowflake... at the bottom of the wee card it says "For additional designs see our new Book No. 50 'Prairie Seasons." Does anyone have this?? I will happily negotiate. I have a very large freebie stash or will trade for another chart, if you like! Thank you!!
I received the name of my Monochromatic Exchange recipient for the SBEBB exchange today - I am so happy and excited, so many ideas in my mind right now as to what I want to make for her! Thanks Paula - I appreciate you setting up this fun exchange!
Stitched on today: Stitched on a gift, and And A Forest Grew


Rachael said...

And a forest grew is wonderful- What do you do with all your finished projects? You must have a lovely house full. I would love to see some pictures of the walls in your house. Okay- I would really love to visit and see them for myself ,but I would enjoy a picture as well :-) Glad Angus is feeling so fine.

cathymk said...

Love how And a Forest Grew is growing!

mainely stitching said...

Carol, I still can't get an email through to you (it is infuriating!!). If no one's spoken for them, I would really like the following 3 fabrics:
SM Indian Summer, Enchanted Fabrics Unique 58, and SM Guenivere. I can receive email from you, so just let me know the total with shipping.

Business done, I love how your forest is coming along!! And it's great to hear that Angus is doing well. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Your 'And a Forest Grew' is just beautiful! I love this pattern. Good thing I can't stitch anymore or I'd be tempted to go and buy it!

Anonymous said...

And a Forest Grew is gorgeous - I only just saw the full chart for it today :) (and am tempted!) Like Rachael, I've often wonder what you do with everything you stitch :)

I hope Angus is feeling much better now too :)


Cindy said...

Your forest is looking fabulous!

I didn't have the PS freebie that you're looking for. One of these days, I really need to organize those :)

Katrina said...

I love and AFG, it's really coming along.

Karoline said...

AAFG is looking stunning, great progress. Glad to hear that Angus is doing well

stitcherw said...

You got a lot done on forest, as to the tree, maybe the fruit is in different stages of ripening? Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with the neighborhood RR.

Glad to hear Angus is feeling good. We've been getting a lot of sun lately and my cats are really enjoying the sunbeams. I think sun helps improve everyones mood and energy level.

BTW, sent you an email on the Annabelle fabric,

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Your forest is looking fantastic as usual! It is neat to see all those interesting trees.

Have fun finding something cool for Rachael's RR. Stash rummaging is sooo much fun!

Hazel said...

That garden is looking great. Loads of lovely fabric there. However can you part with it?

Cathy B said...

One of these days I'm going to have to pull out the chart for AAFG - it's a wonderful project!

Thanks for organizing the neighborhood RRs - I'm looking forward to this!

Pam @ Heart2Heart said...

Oh, your forest is coming along beautifully! I love watching your progress on it. I don't have that PS freebie, nor the other you mentioned. I wonder just how many of them I'm missing? Hope someone is able to come through for you, it sounds very nice!

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, just catching up with all your wonderful stitching, love seeing all the progress on your various wips :) Great to hear tha Angus is doing ok too.

Kajsa said...

And a forest grow is really growing! It's beautiful, love the little cardinals.

Lelia said...

Carol - I have that freebie card. Let me 'unearth' it.

lena-lou said...

I like your colourful tree, it is all looking so nice :-)