Sunday, August 14, 2005

A rainy Sunday....

All this super hot weather (I love super hot weather!!) we have been having gave way to a day full of thunderstorms. What does a stitcher do on a day like that? Silly question, you know what we do! I stitched on the Passione Ricamo SAL, Miracle Butterfly - hundreds, probably thousands, of little white x's today.... maybe next week I will finally treat myself to filling in that other open wing... I think I have deserved the break from the white for now....
I scanned her face to post here - the computer generated picture on the front of the chart makes her face... well,ugly. I hear that from many stitchers, and I had reservations about it too! But as you can see by the scan, her face is actually very pretty. On the chart you cannot even see her dangly earring. Instead it looks like she has striped "war paint" on her face!!

No particularly good news for Ryan Newman today.... the good news was he finished the race, no crash or mechanical failures to the degree of bailing out of the race... but major car problems nonetheless, and just like last week he finished near the very back of the pack.... I guess it was brakes today. Sigh. Bad, bad luck this year!

As for the Red Sox, I spent the bulk of today waiting out two rain delays - one for 45 minutes in the first inning, and the other at the top of the fourth inning - after four hours they finally called the game off. What a weird day waiting to see if the game would restart :-)

I've been thinking I would really love to stitch Taj Mahal like this stitcher did on black... but I am worried about having six long-haired cats in the house... I can just imagine how my fabric will look every time I take it out to stitch on it!! I generally bring projects on black to work, to keep away from the cat hair... but this one will be too large to tote around to work. But, oh, I so do want to figure out how to stitch this on black at home!! Isn't it stunning??!!

Stitched on today: Miracle Butterfly

***A few people have asked about the Liz Turner Diehl chart I posted yesterday - I am sorry, I forgot to give its name! It is called "English Garden" and has a subtitle of "Boxed Pillow, Frame or Paper Weight", it is copyright 2002, and I have not seen it anywhere but on ebay... it is not in her current catalog, but if you want LTD's email address, I believe I have it on some of her other charts (I don't see it on this one) - I have ordered directly from her in the past (the beads for Emerald Jeweled Garden) and she took care of getting them to me - I bet she can get this chart too if anyone is interested in it.


Debbi said...

What great progress you have made on Miracle since i last checked in on your blog! Keep up the good work!

Gill said...

Your Miracle Butterfly is so beautiful. thanks for posting the close-up, its nice to see the beaded work, and yes, she does have a pretty face!

Kathy said...

Wow she looks fantastic Carol, Love the beads on her as well. She stands out beautifully.

I am looking forward to this one being finished.


Kathy xxxx

BeckySC said...

WOW, she sure does look much better than the chart pic! She is coming out AWESOME!!! Great progress on her, Carol :)

hugs to you :)

Nicole said...

Great progress on all your pieces this weekend! I saw that Ryan Newman had won that Busch race on the news and I couldn't wait to check out your blog - of course today we had no internet at work (long story) so I had to wait until I got home :)