Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ryan Newman wins the Zippo 200!!!

...and I didn't even watch it :-( In fact, I did not even begin to think he was driving one of his rare Busch Series races, so I didn't look up the entry list this week. I went to the site to see if there was any interesting news there, and yes, there sure was! This is Ryan's first win of this season - even if it is a Busch Series race - but with his reports of being thrilled that Penske signed Kurt Busch for 2007 and this win tonight, maybe he will now be catapulted in the right direction! We will see tomorrow - he starts 7th in the road course race (Nextel Cup Series) at Watkins Glen, NY tomorrow - woo hoo!! (Photo is from And, if you click here, Ryan will come onto your screen and tell you all about Sony HDTV's :-)
...And in stitching news.... it is Saturday, and I am back to using Saturdays to work on the Mermaid Heaven SAL.... I am getting close now to finishing the first page.... and the mother mermaid is really starting to fill in a bit. I love, love, love this project :-)

It was a good stash day today as well... first of all, I received a pair of hand dyed fabrics, really yummy ones, from an ebay seller - both are fat quarters of belfast linen - one by Dyeing4U, and one by The Blended Needle: , and I also received the Liz Turner Diehl chart I bought for myself for my birthday: And I just know that when I finish stitching it (someday), I will just have to send it off to Becky for finishing!! There is no way I could get it to look as good as in the photo if I tried to finish it on my own :-) And, I received the oh so cute Basket Case chart too!!

I did do a tiny bit of shopping today... I have been planning to start getting Taj Mahal kitted up.... I never did get my kit ordered for it... and now they are out... but they did have the bead pack available, so I got that! I will get the supplies on my own... gotta stitch this one for my new living room when the basement is finished (Mike's friend cancelled this weekend...arghhhh.... zero progress made on the basement, so we are behind schedule now!).

My brother and his girls stopped up to visit today. They brought me my belated birthday gift (they vacation on Cape Cod every summer.... and it falls on my birthday week) - they got me a stunning three ball Cape Cod bracelet to go with my single ball bracelet they bought me last year! The bracelet at the top in the photo is the one I got last year - this year I got the one on the bottom - it is symbolic of my three nieces :-)

Red Sox 7, White Sox 4!!

Stitched on today: Mermaid Heaven


Jenn said...

Sorry you missed the Race Carol. Maybe someone will replay it later tonight.

Anonymous said...

I like your new blog name. And your mermaid is looking beautiful. I am still in a beginner stage of x stitch. I stitch slowly and small projects. I loved you valerie pfeiffer embroidery. And the "garden" looks lovely.

KarenV said...

I love that Liz Turner Diehl Garden cushion! Please could you remind me of the name of the design - I must have missed it when you mentioned it before.

Isabelle said...

Mermaid Heaven is a lovely project indeed - very soothing colours and scene...

What a beautiful present you got from your brother! How thoughtful to get you the pendant to last year's gift. ... So I see you collect bracelets as well as stitching stash, eh? ;o)

Jenn said...

Me again! Mermaid Heavin is beautiful! You have me inspired to work on mine again today. I like your Liz Turner Diehl piece also it will be so nice when you do it. I'll keep Saturdays in mind for the Mermaid Heaven SAL in future.

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!
Mermaid Heaven is looking so good!
You are such an inspiration when it comes to loyalty to your stitching!!!!!! I admire that so much :)

The LTD is gorgeous, and YES, send it to me for finishing :) I'd BEE happy to do so and anything else you need to have finished :)

What a nice gift from your brother. I love they symbolism :)

Have a great stitching day and enjoy the race :)

BTW-I agree, you couldn't have chosen as better name for your blog! Love it!!!!

Kathy said...

Mermaid is looking fab. Love the ring too very pretty

Looking forward to the next wip.

Hugs xxxxxxx

Gill said...

Mermaid heaven is growing so fast! She looks lovely:) Love the new blog name .... its very suitable!

Juul said...

Hello Carol, (and all others over here)

I love your new blog name, its perfect. I am just a little bit worried about Elmo, is he never tiered? :o) I am very excited about reading that the Sebastian-chart has arrived. I would love to buy one too, but I am not sure witch one I should order, the regular or the large one, with or without the background? I have so many questions …..
Witch of the six options did you order? How big is the finished work? What kind of thread are they using? Is the chart of good quality? What count / fabric do they use? Etc., would you be so kind and give us a little review of this chart?
And wow, do I loved the picture of Beau! >^..^< And the others of your flowers and your work, both stitching and office. :o) Your blog is GREAT!

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, great new blog name - really suits you :) You are making great progress on Mermaid Heaven and what a lovely bracelet too.

I've yet to finish CB Sampler too - only managed a few stitches over the weekend. Wedding invites are taking up all my spare time and I guess they're kind of important at the moment, lol.

tkdchick said...

You're making excellent progress as usual Carol. You got a beautiful b-day gift there full of meaning!