Thursday, August 04, 2005

Better picture of Petal Fairy??

Well, the full size version of this photo is gorgeous - Mike did a great job with it - except he lightened the fabric color while playing with the image - the color is accurate in yesterday's photo - but when I have to shrink it down to fit the blog entry... you still can't see all of the beading :-) I have to figure out how to set it up so that when you click on the image it takes you to the large image... anyone have any clues for me? Thanks! (Although I think the answer is in the HTML I use in my sidebar... just too tired to figure it out tonight, I guess....)

Well, well.... today is August 4th and I have already decided to change one of my August stitching goals. I had originally planned to start Resting Butterfly in Petal Fairy's rotation spot... but this morning I decided that I really wanted to get back to stitching Convent's Herbal Garden, which I had started last year and is actually on my original 2005 Stitching Goals list anyhow... so I will be picking that up tonight - and I am really excited about it! I will put Resting Butterfly into the rotation at some point.... but with Miracle Butterfly approaching a happy dance soon, I think that will be the perfect slot for Celtic Winter SAL...
And, here is tonight's progress on the gorgeous Convent's Herbal Garden. I am really pleased that I put this back in my rotation. I can't believe I actually let this stunning and very pricey kit sit around for so long.... gonna get it done now :-)
I was high bidder for this pretty fat quarter of belfast by The Blended Needle... it is called Dragon's Dream. Got a good deal, think it is so pretty! Also, got the bad news today that, as I had feared, Dyeing4U is going out of business... they are having a liquidation sale on supplies, and I got a fat quarter of opalescent white belfast super cheap.... I think it will be just perfect for Spring Ride!

If there were any blooms in the garden today that I have not yet photographed, they managed to slip under my radar - LOL!

Red Sox 11, Royals 9 - I heard it was a wild game! The Sox scored 8 runs in one inning, all on one hit.... which just happened to be Jason Varitek's first ever major league grand slam! I am so psyched for him! We have been waiting for this. It was hard to imagine a player of his caliber, and who has no real problem with hitting home runs, not having yet had a grand slam - well, can't say that anymore :-)

Stitched on today: Story Time and Convent's Herbal Garden


Zohrah said...

Congratulations on the Petal Fairy. The picture is so brilliant, looks as though it is a poster instead.

Funny bit when you explain if the fairy's stamens been omitted. It does look like an alien.

Rowyn said...

Congrats on your HD - Petal Fairy is just beautiful, as is your Convent Herbal Garden.

Anonymous said...

Petal Fairy is absolutely beautiful Carol! I still can't believe how fast you stitch these large designs :o)

I like Convent's Herbal Garden (ah, I see, it's a Chatelaine that's why it was expensive).

Is the fabric you bought for Spring Ride sparkly white? Looking forward to seeing you stitching that one!

Suzanne from NEXStitchers said...

Petal Fairy is gorgeous! How long
did it take you to stitch it?
You are an inspiration for stitching
large projects! I tend to stay away
from these. But seeing yours makes
me want to stitch one too.

tkdchick said...

Mike did a great job with the photography. Oooh the colours loook just fantastic on your Chatelaine I'll be watching out for your progress on this one!

Kathy said...

Wow Petal Fairy looks fab hun.

Love you Convent Garden too, looking forward to more piccy's.

Hugs xxxxxx

Bastet said...

I'll agree with the majority that leaving the stamens in does look a bit odd. But I usually stitch what I'm told by the pattern, so that's not really saying much.

As for the sparkly white for Spring Ride. It will be gorgeous! I've seen it done on Silkweaver's Antique White solid refections. I wish I could remember where though... But it is a wonderful idea!

Isabelle said...

Oh my, you've finished Petal Fairy while I was away! How gorgeous she is. Now I can't wait to make mine grow! :-)

Congratulations Carol - wonderful work, and a great fabric choice too.

And thank you for your continual inspiration... It's great to be able to check you out daily again!