Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina - hope everyone is OK!!

I hope that everyone living in the Gulf region - Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are faring well through this terrible Hurricane Katrina! My prayers are with you all!! I am relieved that Dawn has let us know that she and her family are all OK :-) I think Mississippi may have gotten it worse than they had expected.
I went back to work tonight on Celtic Band Sampler, despite a very strong desire to start Celtic Winter.... I have to finish the band sampler first :-) But, luckily, Dani is right so far... the sampler does move along more quickly now. I will probably stitch some more on it tonight too - the Red Sox game had an hour and 43 minute rain delay almost right after it started, so now it is going to run late. That, at least, will give me some extra stitching time!!

I got in that piece of hand-dyed fabric from ebay today - the wild looking one that is pink and green. I don't like it. I knew it would be wild, and that is fine. But the dyeing is terrible. She only scanned in the "good part," and the rest has dark areas where the dye did not blend well. As well, the fabric is not serged and is heavily fraying. I recommend staying away from the seller.... yuck. Oh, and she charged me $3.50 to ship and she mailed it in a standard white letter envelope, folded up all tiny, for just over $1.00. Rip off. (I don't think it would be polite to give her ebay ID here, but if you email me I will tell you who she is so you can avoid making the same mistake I did)....

Oh, a little fun in the DVD dump bin at WalMart - Gung Ho and Naked Gun 33 1/3 - The Final Insult - old comedies... movie are so fun to stitch to (except, of course when the Red Sox, Patriots or Ryan Newman are on!) - LOL!

Well, top of the 7th and the Red Sox are winning 7-1 over the Devil Rays. Unfortunately, Johnny Damon just got hit on the hand by a pitch and left the field immediately for x-rays. That could be bad.... (Final score Red Sox 10, Devil Rays 6, and Johnny is day to day with a bruised hand...sigh)

Stitched on today: 17th Century Irish Garden and Celtic Band Sampler


tkdchick said...

Go Carol, Go! You can finish it!!!!

Isabelle said...

Sorry to hear about your disappointment with that seller :o( Not fun.

I am thrilled about Esmeralda! Thank you so much! You're a sweet. :-D

Gill said...

Your work on Celtic Band Sampler looks so delicate, keep up the good work!
I was watching reports on TV about the hurricane, it must be so frightening for those involved - my thoughts are with them.
Bad news about your ebay fabric - I guess thats the risk you take when buying via ebay but its always a big disappointment when it happens, hope you leave appropriate feedback.

Kathy said...

Wow Carol you Celtic Band sampler is lovely. And no you can't start CW yet, remember I am holding you to it lol.

Look forward to seeing more of your work. Can't wait for Miracle butterfly to finish she is stunning

Hugs xxxxx

Christine Doyle said...

Great progress, Carol! Almost done!

Sorry to hear about your ebay experience - I hope you left appropriate feedback!

Anonymous said...

Wow the sampler is coming along great! I love it!

I too hope everyone in the line of that awful storm is safe and well :o(

Bastet said...

Sampler is coming along very nicely. The Ebay experiance is a drag, is there a way to let others on ebay know what she's about?

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, no, you can not start Celtic Winter - its not September yet!!!:)

your CBS is coming along, you'll find it will move a little bit faster on the bottom bands.

got your email about the magazine too. Enjoy!

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol :)

Oh, one of my's LOOKING AWESOME!!!

hugs :)

Kath said...

I love your blog Carol, think you write the most amazing things. I must get my copy of the Jill Oxton too, I saw it in the book shope the other day and thought it lovely. Her Christmas issues are fabulous.

Keep up the work on CBS, not long now....