Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Catching up some more now on my rotation

Tonight I got a chance to stitch again on Angel of Love, another project I have missed working on. Tonight, though, the humidity must have been the reason why that darned light blue floss in her sleeve just kept knotting up/tangling up on me... but I got through it and both sleeves are done now!!
I got a new British magazine today - I wish the US magazines came out as quickly and as abundantly as the UK ones do!! - Cross Stitch Crazy... I really like the four seasons collection in this one.

I also received the really pretty Dragon's Dream belfast fat quarter by The Blended Needle (aka Heaven Lee Creations) from an ebay seller today! Also looks appealing for a mermaid, but much like Tartan by Sugar Maple Fabrics, which also looks like it would look great with a mermaid on it... well, the purple tones in the blue kind of looks like there would be blood in the water! So, no... I am not into sharks or mermaid deaths... so I pass on those ideas right off the top!!

A few people have commented on how I get a lot of large projects done. Well, honestly, these projects are not as intimidating as they may seem. I have a commitment to myself to find time, even if only a few minutes, to stitch every day. I know that alone really helps to get these big ones finished. But in truth, I believe it is the rotation system that gets them done! There is zero chance of getting bored with any one project... even if that project calls for lots of white (or pink, as in Fairy Flora!!) in one area... if only stitching that project, then that big block of color easily could send a reasonably sane stitcher to the brink of insanity... but with the rotation system, it does not. You know that while you are stitching endless white angel wings one night, tomorrow you will be stitching diamond eyelets in a pretty garden piece. Very cool - I hope more stitchers will try this.
Daylily: Fall FarewellDaylily: Little PaulDaylily: Beautiful Awakening

Mmmmm... I see Teresa Wentzler's Tropical Dream sampler is released now! Not typically my style, but may well be her last release.... or at least for a while... maybe forever... may have to consider this one for its sentimental value alone :-)

Hey, it is New DVD Release Tuesday! This week it is a silly one for us: Kung Fu Hustle... may be a great choice for Thursday night since it is an off day for the Red Sox :-)

Red Sox 8, Rangers 7 - boy did this one get really messy in the middle, and it took heroics by Edgar Renteria at the bottom of the 10th inning to get it done... but no further details from me, for the sake of not insulting any one particular player and his performance tonight... ugh.... pitching can be so hard to find!

Stitched on today: Angel of Love

***A sad footnote - I am deeply grieved to learn of Dana Reeve's lung cancer today... and I never even mentioned my sadness over the loss of Peter Jennings earlier this week as well... very sad....


BeckySC said...

She is looking great!

Anonymous said...

I thought of doing the rotation too as I've read online it gets things done much faster and finish alot of things done almost the same time.

With 30mins per day, its risky for me to try them. I'll never get any RR or exchange done before the deadline. But as always I can admire and enjoy your works. :)

Kathy said...

I have now started rotation with a couple of UFO's so that I can get them stitched and out of the way lol.

She is looking fab as usual, as do you lovely flowers

Hugs xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Angel of Love is coming along. I am also saddened by Peter Jennings death and am heartbroken about Dana Reeve. That family has endured enough.

Kitty Couture said...

Hi Carol, Angel of Love is loking lovely. She is so delicate! I guess she is one of your projects I admire most (now you're done with the Petal Fairy of course!).

As for the rotation, I have the same concern as Zohrah - I'd like to start a rotation but I have so little stitching time that I'm afraid I'd spend a year on each project! Not to mention the RR stitching...
But you are a wonderful example of how well a rotation may work! :o)

Kiwi Jo said...

hee hee go dancing Elmo!

Froggie said...

Angel of Love is loooovely! I am amazed at the intricate dress. Great job!

Anonymous said...

arol I thinks its your determination that gets you to finish the big projects. I have started the freebie postcards -. Winter and its very slow progress. A lot of colours right at the lower end.

Gill said...

Angel of Love looks beautiful. I love that fabric you are stitching her on! I am completely with you regarding rotating on larger projects - I would never have been able to get through some of the gruelling bits on my current pieces if I wasn't rotating.