Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Props to Karen V.!!

It is Wednesday... that, of course, means it is Legends of the Dragons night. I finally took it off the Q-Snap and am working on it in hand (unless I am doing the over one stitching)... I find that since this is on a fat eighth and is a horizontal piece, holding the Q-Snap is too darn awkward... and uncomfortable... and my comfort level and enthusiasm had been waning... felt better stitching in hand, although that is never my preference... but this piece is moving along well, and I really love it, and I love stitching the SAL with Nikki too!
While thumbing through Cross Stitch Gold, Issue 32 (the latest for me, although the most latest came out in the UK yesterday), I came across something that made me smile... and is quite noteable! Our friend, Karen, is credited for stitching the model for Laura Tillson's Blue Topaz in the issue! Well done, Karen! This is the little blurb in the magazine where Karen's name appears :-)
These two daylily photos are not from my garden... I just was high bidder for them on ebay from my favorite daylily seller - I like to give her a little business every year, I don't want her to stop selling! I am thrilled to have gotten Cherry Candy and Prairie Blossoms.... knocking two off of my garden wishlist!!
I got in the Forget Me Knots Grove lugana from Sugar Maple Fabrics today, and I ordered the 40 ct Daily Grind linen for the Jeannette Douglas design in the new Just Cross Stitch today... as well as the rest of the new Gentle Art Simply Shaker threads that were recently released.... However, this bloom of Dainty Eyes is from my garden today... daylily season is truly winding down now... and it was a treat to find this new bloom today :-)

Stitched on today: Legends of the Dragons and 17th Century Irish Garden at work... oh, and then I snuck in about an hour on Girl with Cat before I went to bed :-)

***Oh Juul, if you are reading this, you asked about my Sebastian chart from HAED.... I ordered the regular sized print with the background :-) It looks very readable with regular size print :-) I didn't get the email copy, I got the paper copy via the mail, and it took about 10 days for it to arrive here.


Bastet said...

Kids always say the darndest things. But at least you know they can think. anywho. In regards to the comment you left..I'm from southern Maine. I believe from looking at a map that there's quite a few hours between us.

karensff said...

Legends is looking great. I love thso dragons and love watching your progress.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm famous LOL! ;) Thanks for pointing it out Carol - I've seen the design on her website but didn't know it was in a magazine. Is the design actually published in there or is it just part of a designer feature?

Thank you for your kind offer to pick up JCS for me :) - what can I send you in return?

Anonymous said...

Still LOVE those dragon!

(I've updated my link again with your new name.)

Dawn T. said...

You are doing great with Legends. The dragons are so cute!