Thursday, August 18, 2005

I stayed up until 1 AM working on this sampler, yet I still did not manage to finish the "W" at the end of the band :-) Nor did I get the little burgundy accents stitched between the letters.... this took longer than expected, but it's pretty good progress :-)
I had some rare extra stitching time today. I got out of work early and my husband is busy setting up his new computer. There are no big chores to do, so I worked on Girl with Cat for two or three hours. Yay, I got the face done!!! Those who know me, know that I am totally compulsive about getting the faces done as soon as I can! There are still some blank areas in her hair, and although that bugs me, it will have to wait for now, as tonight is actually Celtic Band Sampler night. I went with a close up scan of her face tonight, as I think you can see that better than if I took a photo of the whole piece... it is primarily stitched with one strand of floss and has a watercolor effect that is stunning, but is hard to appreciate in photos!!

Q. How often do you wash your fabric for each project? Do you wait until the very end until to wash it or do you wash it more than once?

A. To be honest... sometimes, not at all! I only wash if the project requires it. That really isn't all that often for me.... I don't generally stitch in hand, so that eliminates a lot of stains. I take my projects off the Q-Snap or scroll bars every night when I am done.... also keeps them clean. But if they need a little bath, I generally do it just at the end, unless a mark is particularly bothersome to me... then I will get right to it!!

I got a new magazine today, World of Cross Stitching - it is finally out in the US, now that the next issue was just released in the UK.... boy, do they run late here. I just had to have it - there is a DMC Flower Fairies kit with it, and you know how I adore those (but confession time... I haven't stitched one yet!!), and I totally adore the poppy field picture in this one too!!

Stitched on today: Girl with Cat, 17th Century Irish Garden at work, and Celtic Band Sampler


Jenn said...

The Pats looked pretty good tonight. How about Doug 2 touchdowns in 3 plays. Tom better watch out or we will have a new starting quarterback. :) I picked up Mermaid Heaven to stitch on tonight. The little baby is getting hair. Good luck with the Celtic Band Sampler. I can't wait to see what you get done tonight. Hope the Sox game is as good as the Pats.

Nicole said...

The face looks awesome on Girl with Cat. It is a great effect.

Legends looks great too, getting close to Wisdom. I stitch a few pieces in hand but I have a fat quarter for Legends so I have to stick with q-snaps to keep my sanity!

cindy2002 said...

I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I followed a link from the mirabilia message boards here. You have picked some truly lovely pieces to do. Some of them I recognize as ones I considered before purchasing the mirabilia pattern. You are one busy stitcher!

BeckySC said...

It sure is looking awesome even if you are not as far along as you would like to be :) BEEutiful progress, Carol :)

Girl with a cat is looking stunning as well! WOW, you accomplished a lot on her! GOOD job :)!!!

hugs :)