Friday, August 26, 2005

Celtic Ladies SAL Participant List

Please email me or leave me a comment here if I do not have you on the list - I think I checked all the comments and my emails, but you never know.... I don't mean to leave anyone off! We are:

Carol in New Hampshire
Leslie in Virginia
Amanda in Maine
Karen in England
Jenn in Connecticut
Kathy in England
Lisa in New Zealand
Katrina in New Zealand
Becky in South Carolina
Gill in England
Karen in England
Bea in Italy
Margaret in Maryland

Who did I forget?? A million apologies to you, but holler and let me know!!

I put together a Yahoo Group for this SAL, since there are so many of us in the group... and so that Margaret can meet you all too :-) I emailed invites to all but Leslie, Amanda, Lisa, and Gill because I could not find your email addresses :-( Please click the button below to join us :-)

alt="Click here to join celticladiessal">
Click to join celticladiessal

I don't know why some of the HTML code shows up here... it looks correct in my edit screen... hopefully the button will work for you!
I love Fridays, because on Fridays I stitch on Convent's Herbal Garden... tonight was no exception. This is a very fun stitch, despite having to keep flipping through the chart pages to find where I am :-)

I was high bidder today for this collection of fantasy charts. I want the Romeo & Juliet one by Teresa Wentzler and the Black Swan Stocking. If you see any of these that you have been wanting, please let me know! I have most of them already and will be happy share them with those who want them! (The one you cannot make out at all is Three Gates by Dragon Fire Designs, and the one in the upper left corner is Esmeralda by Truswell Designs).

I've been wanting to stitch another sampler soon, and am feeling like the one I most want to start is Garden Spot Sampler by Samplers and Such. With autumn and then winter approaching, I thought that at least stitching flowers would keep my spirits up :-) So, I ordered the silk conversion pack from Hand Dyed Fibers (Victoria Clayton) today. Now to select a nice linen....
And he does it again! Ryan Newman won his third consecutive Busch Series race tonight! This time in Bristol, Tennessee.... however, still no Nextel Cup wins :-( Wonder how tomorrow night will be.... seems both Greg Biffle and Kevin Harvick are whining about Ryan's restarts tonight... Harvick holds grudges... will he take them out on Ryan tomorrow? My guess... yep, probably. It is time for NASCAR to do something about Harvick's temper and bad attitude! Anyhow, woo hoo and congratulations to Ryan!! (Photo is from

Red Sox 9, Tigers 8... they won tonight, but they are really struggling right now... pitching is terrible, and both Ortiz and Ramirez are pretty much slumping in the hitting department.... hope that will change soon!

Stitched on today: Convent's Herbal Garden


Bea said...

Hi Carol,
I came back yesterday!!! I'm reading about your Celtic Ladies sounds great and funny!!! I'm thinking about joining it...

Kiwi Jo said...

why did I click on that sampler link??? I've been looking for a sampler for a while and that one is mighty tempting...and I've been wanting to try Vicki's silks....hmmmm.....are you up for yet another SAL??????

BeckySC said...

Oooh, lovely stash :) I had a big stash day today :) :) :)

Hmmmm...I didn't receive an e-mail invite...but no matter- :) :) I know where you are :)

Thanks for setting up the SAL I need to decide which CL to stitch...and I am adding two other large pieces to my WIP's...I'm a glutton for punishment I guess :) LOL!!!

Love ya!

Bastet said...

Nice bit of stash! Wonderful pieces. If your serious about sharing. The do not meddle by dragon fire designs...

Bastet said...

forgot to sign my name to the group, so if you see a whitecat that's me...

Isabelle said...

Convent Herbal Garden is so beautiful. In the center of my parents' town, Lille, there is a beautiful convent that has had such a garden for centuries and centuries... It grows medicinal herbs. (the convent used to be a hospital as well) I always think of it when I see your Convent Garden!

Those are great charts! Are you serious about sharing? That Esmeralda is so beautiful. If you are sure you don't want it and if no wants it, I'd love to have it! But only if you're sure you're ready to part with it...

Hope you enjoy the wedding today!

Bastet said...

Couldn't read the name, but from what I saw of the picture it looked like the one I mentioned. Looked up the other one...that dragon is used in almost the same postion in both.

But I will take the Blackwork Dragon if she hasn't been claimed....

Bastet said...

just let me know how you want me to give it to you.