Friday, January 27, 2006

All that white and gray is done!

OK, I reached a little bit of a milestone with Celtic Winter tonight. All of the white and gray and pale blue in her skirt is now finished. I just have to finish the gold colored hem of her skirt. I hope I can do that tomorrow. I don't think I will have much stitching time because Mike has invited one of his friends over for dinner and then wants to play cards.

A little bit of new stash today (diet, shmiet)... Liz Turner Diehl's Green House Winter Garden (this is a must stitch for my mother, once I track down all the obscure fibers and crystal bicones it calls for....), LHN's Rose Sampler and two skeins of NPI 928 for CHS' Matter's Choice (to be stitched on the yummy Autumn Gold linen I posted yesterday). I also got in some items that are for a friend's birthday, but surely cannot show them here. I am sure she will show them when she receives them :-)

OK, I am going to try the meme everyone is doing - but I am going to do mine a little bit differently - I typed in "Carol believes" in Google and here is what I found, whether I "believe" it or not :-) Well, I obviously found the homepages of several therapists named Carol - and I believe all of these!
1. Carol believes buying & selling a home requires a high level of expertise
2. Carol believes that each person has special gifts to give
3. Carol believes our greatest hope is to organize resistance faster than the ruling elite can organize repression
4. Carol believes that we are living in a very interesting time when technology is changing faster than people can imagine
5. Carol believes that Tweety is a bird
6. Carol believes that justice should be administered firmly and

7. Carol believes that combining the mind, body and soul is fundamental to achieving a stress-free life
8. Carol believes that once a family has called on her for help, the rest of the process should be easy
9. Carol believes you deserve to have your therapy be a positive and productive experience
10. Carol believes everything happens for a reason

Stitched on today: Celtic Winter


Jenn said...

Carol, I just did my name. Check out my blog some of them are pretty funny - esp the last one. :)

Barbara said...

Carol, yours are so fitting for you! Great choices!!

Jeanne said...

qoCarol, I started Matter's Choice on Christmas Day. Isn't that Autumn Gold pretty. I just went ahead and started using the DMC. If I thought about it longer I would have gone with a darker blue or even black but I love the looks of it anyway. Have fun with it!!!

Jenn said...

LOL and what else would Tweety be Carol?!? :)

Bastet said...

Nice stash! Tried the meme going around, but didn't work for me. I guess we Amanda's are good at hiding.

Susimac said...

Lovely stash!! I'll have to try the meme.

bunnyhead said...

Ooo... love your new stash!

Isabelle said...

Congrats on reaching that milestone, Carol! I love your CW!

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »