Sunday, January 01, 2006

Le Potager du Roi

So... can you tell how I occupied myself on New Year's Day?? With the exception of brief breaks for meals and a quick trip to WalMart with Mike, I pretty much devoted the day to starting Mystery IX. I got a lot done, yet there is still a long way to go to finish Part 1. Martina gave us a nice busy start to this project :-) I spent a good part of my day stitching heads of lettuce LOL!! The fabric is very pretty - I think it is called Lavender Bliss belfast. I have never worked with this color before, and I really like it! I will probably put another day in on this tomorrow as I still have another day off from work... then my Tuesday and Wednesday are committed to SALs...

December Goals:
1. Finish Part 3 of Medieval Town Mandala - Yes
2. Continue Garden Spot Sampler SAL with Jo - Yes
3. Continue Celtic Winter SAL - Yes
4. Continue Convent's Herbal Garden - Yes
5. Continue Mermaid Heaven SAL with Jenn - Yes
6. Continue An Open Heart SAL - Yes
7. Continue 17th Century Irish Garden - Yes
8. Continue Girl with Cat - Yes
9. Continue Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - Yes
10. Continue Angel of Love - Yes
*** I also worked on Little Wings, and started A Christmas Spirit and Mermaids of the Deep Blue

I also met another stitching goal - this one was a whole 2005 related goal - I stitched every day in 2005 :-)

January Goals:
1. Finish Part 4 of Medieval Town Mandala
2. Finish Part 1 of Mystery IX
3. Continue Garden Spot Sampler SAL with Jo
4. Continue Mermaid Heaven SAL with Jenn
5. Continue An Open Heart SAL
6. Continue 17th Century Irish Garden
7. Continue Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
8. Continue Mermaids of the Deep Blue SAL
9. Continue Celtic Winter SAL
10. Angel of Love, Convent's Herbal Garden, Girl with Cat, Little Wings and A Christmas Spirit - time for those would be icing on the cake!

Ooops! I was so tired when I finally blogged last night that I totally forgot to share these lovely gifts that arrived from Bea in Italy yesterday! She sent me the chart for Teri's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush, along with some lovely linen (I think it is pearl linen??) and a pretty card. Thanks Bea! You are just so sweet!

Stitched on today: Mystery IX - Le Potager du Roi


Nicole said...

Great job on your goals! And a new start! (a few in the past few days) :)

Thanks so much again for passing along Green Old Gardens, I am LOVING this piece and it really moves so quickly as it's divided into sections, i have 5 of the 10 sections finished already and it's early!

Katrina said...

Happy new year Carol, I hope its a really good one for you and Mike.

great start on the mermaids, looking forward to seeing more :)

Isabelle said...

Wow Carol, two starts in two days! You can tell it's a New Year! They both look great. The Mermaids are gonna look awesome on that fabric!

You did so well on your goals too!! It's impressive to think that you stitched every day in 2005 (and when you mean stitch, you mean stitch, my friend!! ;o))

You have certainly inspired me to start my first large project in 2005, and to free up some time to stitch in the evening - nearly every evening now. Thank you!! :o)

Kathy said...

Wow that is lovely well done hun. I would love to do something like that, how would I join up for MysterIX

Jenny said...

Your Mystery 9 is coming along beautifully. I just started the Sampler Myster myself as my very first mystery. I'll have to watch your progress on the big mystery to see if I like it enough to get it myself. :)

tkdchick said...

Carol that's a lovely start to another Chatelaine Mystery.

Lelia said...

Carol: Enjoy your new project. Happy new Year, too

Barbara said...

What a beautiful start to the New Year!

Your stitching goals are amazing. Especially stitching every day of 2005. Way to go!!

BeckySC said...

Lovely start, Carol :)

zoeandcooper said...

Great progress on Le Potager le Roi. I hope you are enjoying stitching it as much as I am!