Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stitching with Becky :-)

Tonight was my SAL night with Becky - we work on our Celtic Ladies on Wednesday nights :-) I worked some more on my Celtic Winter. Tonight I am posting a closer up view of the bottom of her skirt, since a regular shot would not show any progress.... just been busy stitching around her swirls.

Thanks to everyone for their nice comments on Celtic Winter. Several of you are predicting that she will be done soon. Aw, you are too sweet! But... honestly, although I am nearing the end with her, I wouldn't want to underestimate how much is still left to do - finish her skirt, do the gold colored hem of her skirt, finish all that detailed border (both sides) and then a whole lot of beading too :-)

OK, the snow event was a dud today - thankfully!! Only about an inch, and that fell before the morning commute. Things are looking up a little bit for a few days now, so I will surely be feeling happier!

Oh, I got an email from Silkweaver today - they say they already had the Autumn Fields belfast on order at the time that I ordered mine for the Neighborhood RR. They believe it will arrive quickly - good, I really want to start planning my house for my RR - it is fun watching the other ladies stitching theirs, and I want to start mine too!!

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Stitched on today: Celtic Winter


zoeandcooper said...

You are making great progress. With the colors of this piece, it is hard to see progress from a distance. Wonderful work tonight. I was feeling to icky to work on mine:(

Judith said...

Looks great Carol, it is one of the celtic ladies I just love, but yeah I love so much that it is on a very long list of which I might do in the very very far future. I always love reading your blog.

Shelleen said...

I just love watching the progress on CW.

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol :)
Your progress is awesome! I love the close up :) Thanks for sharing :)

Did you receive my reply e-mail to you in regards to my stitching last night and my mom being sick??? and another SAL? I DID stitch on CA about an hour last night after I got home from her house, but it doesn't look like it-so I have not posted a pic. I had hoped for a great stitching evening with you..I was there in spirit anyway :) :) I know you will probably be finished with yours by this time next week :) :)
Thanks for your encouragement :)

Rachael said...

Your celtic lady is beautiful. I can't imagine stitching one of these myself- I reserve the right to change my mind on this-but they are stunning

Kathy said...

Wow she is looking fab, well done. Looking forward to seeing more of her.

Hugs xxxxx

Bine said...

Hi Carol, it's me again :-)
Celtic Winter looks wonderful and I love to see her growing. I will come back tomorrow morning and have a look what you did tonight :-))))

Bastet said...

CW is looking great. Keep up the wonderful work.