Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A little change of pace tonight

A change of pace from working on Celtic Winter tonight, that is! Yep, it is Tuesday, so it is SAL night with Jo - Garden Spot Sampler. I busily worked on a couple of motifs tonight, and a start on the one that is all green right now on the bottom - I will give it some color next week!! Tomorrow night is my SAL night with Becky, which just happens to be Celtic Winter... how convenient is that?? LOL!! Yep, I will be stitching with Becky tomorrow night!

Well, it is also New DVD Release Tuesday - Mike picked one up that I have been wanting since I saw the initial previews - Flightplan!

Sorry to those of you who have been having problems with leaving comments in my blog. I really don't know what to do - I spent a little while today looking at the settings, etc and no solution seemed obvious to me. I hope it gets better somehow...

Well, more snow for tomorrow - conflicting reports but all saying the morning commute will be slippery. I will check my office messages first thing in the AM - with luck, my first appointment will have left a cancel message to avoid the slick roads too, and then I could go in later when they clear a bit? Gosh, I hope so!

Stitched on today: Garden Spot Sampler

*** Almost forgot! I got tagged by Isabelle to do the Meme of Fours - OK, I will for Isabelle!

Four Jobs I Have Had in My Life
Psychotherapist in private practice
Psychotherapist for Arbour Counseling Services
Psychotherapist for The Psychological Center
Psychotherapist for MSPCC, Family Counseling Center

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over Again
The Patriot
Pillow Talk
With Six You Get Eggroll

Four Places I Have Lived
Auburn, New Hampshire
Bedford, New Hampshire
Derry, New Hampshire
Andover, Massachusetts

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
Two and a Half Men
Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation
Europe - London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam
Caribbean Cruises - Grand Cayman, Belize, Roatan, Cozumel, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, St. Thomas, Nassau, Paradise Island

Four Websites I Visit Daily
Mass Revs (work - to check status of insurance cards of clients!!)
Stitching Bits & Bobs

Four of My Favorite Foods
Chicken Tenders
Buffalo Chicken Salad
Filet Mignon

Four Albums I Can't Live Without
I listen to satellite radio, older rock and the 70's station... regular FM in my office... no albums, though! But I do have Carly Simon's Greatest Hits in my office - love that one!

Four Places I'd Rather Be
Any place warmer than New England in the winter
Any place warmer than New England in the winter
Any place warmer than New England in the winter
Any place warmer than New England in the winter!!!!!!!!!!!

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging
I hope this is OK, but I am not going to tag anyone. I don't mind being tagged, but I don't care to tag others.... not everyone appreciates it, and that's cool!


Terri said...

Oh man! That's beautiful!

Heather said...

You Garden spot sampler is looking great Carol.

Barbara said...

It just gets better & better. What a fantastic project!

AnneS said...

Garden Spot Sampler's looking great ... it's really showing the progress well :) Love your meme answer where you'd rather be right now ... you're a crack up! ;P

Isabelle said...

I love looking at your Garden Spot Sampler. You and Jo were definitely right to do a SAL for it! It is so huge. But then, I guess you can never get bored - the motifs are all so varied!

Thanks for answering the meme... :) I'd happily tell you to come over to Paris, but right now I'm really not sure whether it's warmer than New England! LOL! It's the middle of the day and it's only -1 Celsius = 30 F! Just what your weather lady is saying too...

Nicole said...

Garden Spot looks great and Celtic Winter is so close! I will be checking for that happy dance daily :)

Kathy said...

oh wow garden spot looks fab hun, looking forward to your Celtic HD too.

Hugs xxxxx

Christine Doyle said...

So..... I take it you don't like a New England Winter? lol!

Great progress on your sampler! It is coming along beautifully.

BeckySC said...

What can I say??? I just LOVE this sampler :) It grows more and more BEEutiful :)

Dianne said...

Wowsa! The sampler looks beautiful.
How was Flightplan? I swear I have had some dreams (should I be telling you this?) when I was somewhere crowded with my husband and son and then we got separated. That usually wakes me up. The previews made me think about my dreams. Weird, huh?

Kiwi Jo said...

It looks wonderful Carol! And I think you are now ahead of me - I knew you would catch up fast once I started working again :)

Dawn said...

Your Garden Spot Sampler is so pretty!

tkdchick said...

I'm enjoying the progress on that sampler. How was Flightpan I'm tempted to buy that one sight unseen. But I don't like to do that in case I hate the movie and then it was a waste of 24 bucks.