Sunday, June 12, 2005

All the X's are done now!

OK, all the x's are done now on Fairy Flora :-) But, that doesn't mean I am close to finished yet. I have to do the double row of backstitching around the border (as you can see I did a little bit on the right side), the backstitched wand, and then all of that beading.... oh, there is tons of that to do!

I picked up this really cute Blackbird Designs chart on ebay today - I don't know when it came out, but I just saw it today and it really struck my fancy - Summer House. Along with it I got Wedding Sampler Love and Flame of Friendship for steals... :-)

Well, sports were interesting today - Ryan Newman was racing really well all day today in the Poconos, only to blow a tire with about six laps left in the race, crashed into the wall... and dropped from 6th to 34th in the race... and down to sixth in the points. How disappointing for him. But, Red Sox 8, Cubs 1, avoiding the sweep in Chicago... with Tim Wakefield getting his pitching back online, and home runs from Kevin Youkilis, Johnny Damon, Jay Payton and Manny Ramirez :-) So glad they head back to Fenway at long last again for tomorrow's game... I believe they are home now for a week, good chance to get some rest!

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora


Jenn said...


Congrats on getting all the stitching on Fairy Flora done. What do you use to attach your beads to the piece? I'm looking for something to attach the beads to Earth Angel but, I'm not having any luck finding anything.

Glad the Sox are finally back on track. That was a really good game last night.

Nicole said...

She's so close :) I can't wait to see her off the scroll rods. How long do you think the beading will take?

Kiwi Jo said...

Fairy Flora looks great. Do you think you might give up your rotation while you finish her? Or do we all have to remain patient? :)

Kathy said...

Wow, Fairy Flora is looking really good, can't wait to see her finished.

Anonymous said...

Soo close! She looks huge Carol - how big is she?

tkdchick said...

Go Carol Go! Go Carol Go! Bead!Bead! Bead!